Author: Jo The Philosopher

Jo The Philosopher is a writer, blogger, and content creator. He writes short stories, philosophy, and poetry. Everything he writes is predicated on the idea on embracing the darkness as you go through it, so when the light comes one doesn't feel like they've been saved but that they are complete. He has written two novels (Confession and The Jake Matthews Saga: Ascension) and a short story collection (Twisted Fantasies) and is currently working on his second collection called A Shot in the Dark which will be coming out Feb. 3, 2020.

Wolfgang (Part 5)

Cheryl releases Joe and backs away slowly, shaking her head imperceptibly; his eyes are bloodshot, and his pupils have dilated to a point far surpassing fear, his irises becoming hazel rings. Joe’s once smooth, rich, chocolate brown skin is the color of tree bark in the winter as all the life seemed to be drained from it.