Author: Jo The Philosopher

Jo The Philosopher is a writer, blogger, and content creator. He writes short stories, philosophy, and poetry. Everything he writes is predicated on the idea on embracing the darkness as you go through it, so when the light comes one doesn't feel like they've been saved but that they are complete. He has written two novels (Confession and The Jake Matthews Saga: Ascension) and a short story collection (Twisted Fantasies) and is currently working on his second collection called A Shot in the Dark which will be coming out Feb. 3, 2020.


If love conquers all then time conquers everything, for love passes all the
time but time never passes love. Time leads to death which is obviously
end of things, for things pass on to death but does death pass onto things?
Death lets time pass but time often surpasses death, making one immortal.

Wolfgang (Finale)

Joe meets her gaze for the first time and sees how she knows what happened, the ghost of Wallace Wolfgang manifests behind her with a hand on her shoulder, his grey hair falling to his shoulders, his grey beard to his chest, and those eyes. Those icy, steel blue eyes.