I write Philosophy post designed to make you think, to get you to introspect and take a look at yourself. Many people try to find happiness out there, in the world, but don’t realize the reason they aren’t happy is because they don’t know themselves. Therefore, I want to help people know themselves a little better y getting them to think about themselves, put themselves first and stop letting other people use them as stepping stones for their dreams. I write philosophy to help you find and achieve your own.

My poetry varies from love and romance to dark and morbid tales to haiku’s. The theme is the same, struggling with dark truths and asking ourselves tough questions through characters that deal with the same stuff we do (albeit on a larger scale, sometimes).

Overall, my blog is for those who are in the dark and need a guide to light the way. Let me be the light in the darkness as I take you through this strange and fascinating thing called life. Through philosophy and poetry, I hope to help people improve themselves in ways that are unconventional and fun, to alleviate some of the pain in recognizing flaws in yourself, to encourage love and acceptance needed to make the changes necessary for you to become the best version of yourself.

I try to push existence forward through writing and improving the individual through that writing.

I push existence forward through you.

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