On Living The Life You Want

Living the life you want to live comes down to determining what matters to you, what you want, and going after it. There’s nothing complicated about this existence once you get a couple decades in; hell, one can come to understand it in one decade if they pay attention and study a bit of history.

Personally, I’ve recently discovered what I wanted the most and the values that matter the most in my eyes. My values are peace of mind, equanimity, freedom of expression, generosity, and joy. The things I want? Simple. . .

Friends that become family & a positive, loving, and healthy relationship with a naturally attractive woman. Now, what do I mean by naturally attractive? Put it like this, I’d like to look into her eyes and know that’s where love is and will always be.

Now, coming from the manosphere I know this surprises a shit ton of people. Look, I know who I am and I know what I want from life and I reserve the right to want that. No amount of logic, MGTOW philosophy, or AWALT arguments is going to change that and I’m not afraid to admit that to you guys and most importantly myself.

The crux of living the life you want to live is to stop lying to yourself about what you want and eliminating the false belief that you can’t have it. If you really think you have a better chance at building a million dollar company than having a simple family life then something is wrong, subjectively speaking.

One thing men must understand is that life has nuance, grey areas, and counterintuitive mechanisms that make up this existence and that not everything can be quantified or measured with mathematical certainty. Sure, there are some things we can figure out to a tee and manipulate at will but, relative to the magnitude of all reality, it is negligible in terms of scale.

For the guys that want relationships, you must understand that every broad has a past and she’s done shit before you met her. If you want a family, you have to accept that a majority of women you encounter will not want the same thing as you. If you want someone for a good time and a long time, your options may expand just a bit. You’ll find a broad for a good time fairly easily but for a good time AND a long time. . . might be tricky.

For the guys that don’t give a damn about relationships live you life the way you want, enjoy your hobbies and interests, and forget about women and female nature as it serves you no purpose whatsoever at this point. If you just want to smash and dash and hook-up, go ahead.

No one’s stopping you.

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