The Essence Of Simple Living: Doing What Matters the Most

Hey guys, just letting you know about the new book I released this month called “The Essence of Simple Living: Doing What Matters the Most”. If you’re having trouble with decluttering your life or making things less complicated or you simply don’t understand how money works and how to make it work for you while living the life you want to live, check it out!

You’ll be glad you did. . .

This books tells the truth about money and life itself. We live in a society that dictates the mandatory use of money as an exchange of value and a metric people must hit to be validated and accepted in life. For too long, people have been programmed to believe that if you are not pursuing the American Dream then there is something wrong with you as an individual.

This is not the case. . .

This book reveals that it is perfectly fine to live a life outside of society’s rules and metrics, especially when those metrics hold one half of the population down to lift the other up and constantly works to disenfranchise the masses as a whole by keeping them on a hamster wheel that induces them to work, buy, get in debt, and die. No more, this book tells you the truth and poses the questions necessary to start you on the track of living your life the way you want to live it, regardless of society’s metrics.

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