Stop Turning Everything Into A Metric

We live in a world that loves to apply metrics to every aspect of live, including aspects that don’t matter. We try to quantify and set an objective standard even though we are subjective beings. There are things in this world that, though proven empirically, are regarded as woowoo or new age because they cannot be scientifically proven, and it is this hyper rationalism that gets people in trouble with this thing called life.

            Even if one were to make objective decisions for their entire lives void of any emotional influences or drivers, they would still only have a fifty percent success rate. Why? Because there is an infinite amount of nuance and variation to circumstances in life, we have no control over. There are plenty of instances where one ha executed something perfectly but still came out with the short end of the stick.

            You can execute perfectly and still lose. . . let that sink in.

            So, to try to live your life by societal metrics and self-imposed metrics that don’t matter take the fun, the spontaneity, the novelty, and the essence out of this thing called life. Relationships, friendships, associations, family, business partnerships, etc. is comprised of metrics and labels and boxes everyone must hit or else they are not worthy. Or else they are not part of the cool crowd, or else they can’t be accepted.

            Now, some people need metrics to stay organized and hit their goals. No problem. However, when one tries to apply metrics to things that don’t need or call for them, it turns something that’s supposed to be casual, tangential, and free flowing into a goddamn chess match.

            Let’s take relationships for example: people act like it’s this god-level metric they need to hit within six months before it expires. People act like they have a definite window they must complete a task within, or they won’t get the best grade. And yet, people want these deep, long-lasting relationships that go for sixty, seventy years but try to manufacture love commitment, loyalty, and respect when it simply doesn’t work that way.

            A person’s life is ruled by their patterns, behaviors, thought processes, and philosophy. None of that is objective and quantifiable by the scientific method. We are subjective beings with the ability to be objective, not the other way around.

            The point is to reflect on what you truly want in life and to go about getting it and to stop applying metrics to everything. Some things in life work better without metrics and ‘objective’ standards. When you focus on what you want, getting it, and keeping it without trying to make pointless modifications you’ll retain what you wanted for much longer. Most people get what they want and turn it into something they don’t want so they have something to complain about.

            Figure out what you want, your philosophy for life and the way you want to live and set about getting that. Stop applying metrics where they don’t matter and realize you’re not defined by the metrics you hit but the strength of your character and the courage to live your life on your terms.

Hope this helps,


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