Positive Thinking

When it comes to positive thinking, people associate it with naivete and blind optimism and that simply isn’t the case. Positive thinking is more about reorienting your perspective toward your desired outcomes and how to achieve them than pretending everything is alright when it really isn’t. Positive thinking can only take effect once you accept your current situation. Looking within yourself and analyzing the quality of your thoughts and character along with asking some tough questions.

            Most people don’t want to introspect and do the work to make changes they want in their life, so they hop on the ‘positive thinking’ train as if they can snap their fingers and click their heels and everything will be just peachy. No, life does not work this way. You have to put in work to change it. It took work to get to where you are, and it is going to take work to get to a situation you deem better for you and those you care about.

            Two questions you need to ask yourself consistently are: what is the desired outcome? How can I set out to achieve it?

            That’s it.

            If you practice asking and answering those questions consistently, you will develop an affinity toward overcoming adversity. You will begin to cultivate something like a spartan mentality which matches man’s affinity toward grit, strength, and might. Positive thinking doesn’t work on men as it has a soft, palatable, and frilly connotation which disengages us. When one talks about things like training, martial arts, sports, things that require physical activity, that is what engages us as men as physical activity is the number one way to enact tangible change in one’s life.

            However, psychological, and spiritual analysis is also important as they are the truest reflection of your state of mind and quality of character. In martial arts, for example, the difference between someone fighting with emotion and someone fighting with poise and equanimity is night and day. The person fighting with emotion is out of control, all over the place, his punches are sloppy, and his techniques are poorly executed to the point a complete rookie can see it. The person with poise, on the other hand, is calm, cool, and collected. His movements possess a fluidity that borders on supernatural; the precision in his strikes, the coordination in his steps, the execution of his techniques is economic, efficient, and effective in hitting their mark and causing maximal damage. It is a thing of beauty.

            And so, it is the same with positive thinking and negative, emotional thinking.

            When one is thinking on the positive spectrum, it is important to not associate it with being happy-go-lucky but more about thinking about the desired outcome and how to achieve it. This approach is practical, unisex, and sets one on the path to live the life they want to live with as little mental masturbation as possible. Psychological and spiritual acumen is still important; however, most people are not inclined in those directions. So, the best thing for the common person is to get real about what they want in their lives, ask themselves some tough questions in relation to what they want, and then set out to living a lifestyle that reflects that.

Hope this helps,


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