Chase Experiences, Not Money

The things that make life worth living rarely involve money. To chase money, which is only an exchange of value, makes no sense as money is not what we want but what it can get us. We don’t want money; we want the house. We don’t want money; we want the car. We don’t want money; we want families. So why is it we focus on something that doesn’t matter at the expense of the things that do. Some people already have a family, some people already have relationships but are fooled into believing money will make those things better and deliver a life of happiness which simply isn’t true. Look, I’m not anti-money nor am I saying money doesn’t matter. I’m saying to stop abandoning and sacrificing the things that do matter for money, especially when money doesn’t matter to you.

            When one is happy in life, they don’t think about acquiring more. They think only about the moment and how they wish it would last forever. In most people’s lives, happiness is a fleeting thing they don’t get to experience much and so they go to work for 60, 70, 80hrs/week just to get 6, 7, 8 seconds of happiness with their significant other or loved ones.

It’s insane. . .

Experiences, moments, enjoyment, loved ones, companionship, friendship, etc. All the things money can’t buy are the things that matter to people and this society has tricked us all into believing these things will always be there but the chance to make more money won’t be when the reality is vice versa. When you lose a loved one you’re not thinking about money; when you’re holding your son or daughter in the air you’re not thinking about money; when you look your significant other in the eyes and love is the only thing you see you’re not thinking about money; when you see your family get together for the first time in a decade and all the smiles and reminiscing occur about even simpler times, all the laughs shared and the bonds that were separated by a decade reconnect and remind everyone what life is actually about, you’re not thinking about money.

I understand not everyone is sentimental, but you get the point. Replace whatever experiences matter to you the most with everything I just stated. 

When you live a life based on experiences and not money, you find the acquisition of money and other things are not as difficult as society would have you believe. It’s not the money that makes life worth living, it’s a life worth living that makes it necessary to make money. When you frame things in the context of what you truly want, conceiving and executing a plan to achieve your goals becomes very easy and every day you get the opportunity you’ll do things that get you closer to that goal. Work life balance is a real concept, but most people plan out the work part without planning the life part which is why it is often out of balance.

What are some of the experiences you want to be part of your existence? What are some things you always wanted to do but felt like life got in the way of? Sit down and think about yourself and what you want for once in your life! You only get one of these so what sense does it make chasing things that don’t matter, putting up with people you don’t like, doing things you hate doing, and constantly stressing out over things that simply don’t matter to you?

Don’t you think it’s time you took your life back? Don’t you think it’s time you stopped trying to make a living and started actually living?

Hope this helps,


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