Why You Hate Your Job

When I was working six days a week at a seafood place, I hated it. It was an hour to get there and an hour and a half to get back totaling two, sometimes, two and a half hours of commuting to work because I didn’t have a car (and still don’t). It was a miserable shift every time and I couldn’t wait to get home and watch youtube videos about red pill, black pill, and mgtow content that pretty much espoused the same thing about how life sucks and women ain’t shit and this world’s fucked and the impending collapse of society as we know it. Speaking of which, that didn’t help my outlook on life. Not that I’m blaming the content but, given my situation, it wasn’t the best thing to spend my time consuming it.

            Then, after two years of being there, I decided to quit because there was a sport’s bar opening near my house and the convenience was too good to pass up. So, after getting hired there as an expo runner, I quit the fish place and moved onto the sport’s bar where the job was cool at first, but I felt I was getting phased out as they trained people ahead of me and I got reduced to a dishwasher, so I quit that place.

            Now, onto the vegan burger joint. This place was cool, I got paid well but the people were weirdos, and someone didn’t want me there as I was written up twice within three months and put on 90-day probation. Shortly after that I quit because I’m a grown man and refused to be treated differently because I’m not an awkward, nerdy, rainbow weirdo.

            Then onto the sandwich place, the owners were cool people and I got along with them well. Mostly teenagers worked there, and it was a cool vibe and atmosphere for about three months. That is, until I started getting written up for bullshit and so I quit that job as, again, I’m a grown man and refused to be treated like a child.

            Now, I work at a chicken spot, and I’ll admit, the place is cool to work at. I’m now working under a nineteen-year-old manager, who is interesting, but overall, no one has pissed me off and I haven’t gotten written up off some dumb shit, and I’m getting the 40hrs I’ve been chasing for three years, and the pay is decent.

            Now, what do all these jobs have in common aside from being in the restaurant industry? The answer is the person who worked at those jobs being yours truly. See, the reason this job I’m working now is so cool is not the job but my change of perspective and clarity of purpose and intent in life. Back when I was working at the seafood place, I was working damn near forty hours across six days for no reason. There was no purpose for it as I didn’t know what lifestyle I wanted to live, and I was living a lifestyle I didn’t want. Now, my commute is just a short walk away, I’m getting paid the same with less responsibility, I’ve made strides in figuring out my life and what I want to do and I’m starting to plan for my future.

            Now for the answer to the question as to why you hate your job. The answer is because you’re living a lifestyle you don’t want, you don’t know what you want from life, and the work you’re doing has no purpose. That’s it. Once you figure out what you want and what you’re willing to do to get it, now you have a goal, a metric you want to hit, and that makes all the difference when working these jobs. Working as a regular crew member in a chicken spot is not what I want to be doing with my life, but with the clarity of purpose I’ve begun to achieve, I can do this with more equanimity while chasing my actual goals which are coming into focus as I organize my life a bit more. When you manage your time, focus on living rather than chasing money which doesn’t matter to you, you begin to see what it is that drives you, what brings joy and what you’ve always dreamt of doing. The only thing you have to do is make a plan to get it and execute it.

Hope this helps,


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