What Do You Want?

The biggest question aside from ‘why are we here?’ is ‘what do I want?’ Most people never ask themselves this question because they think if they do the opposite of what they don’t want they’ll get what the want. This isn’t the case. The universe works off your dominating thoughts, not the things you say you don’t want. If your dominating thoughts consist of what you do not want, then the universe will deliver to you just that as that is what you think about 24/7.

            Most people never consider what they want because they believe there are just some things in life you can’t have. Even simple things like a quality partner to spend their life with seems like asking for too much. This is because we live in a world where reality is conflated with negativity. Where optimism sounds naïve, and pessimism sounds like someone is looking out for you. Where it’s all Valley of The Shadow of Death and never any light in the darkness.

            Even when a person does sit down to think about what they want, they can never picture things working out and going well. It always contains something negative to make it more ‘realistic’ as if realism is steeped in negativity. People always acknowledge one side of the spectrum without acknowledging the other. People think reality is consistently negative with very few, if any, positives at all and this is simply not true. Any side of the spectrum a person acknowledges is not indicative of reality itself. A rich person’s life is not the entirety of reality, and neither is a poor person’s life, they are just two sides of the same spectrum.

            Life has no intrinsic purpose and is only what you make of it. So, why would one want to spend their lives on the negative side of the spectrum? That makes no sense; however, we live in a society that programs us to believe there’s something wrong with us as humans and we need enhancements to cover up our inadequacies that we were cursed to be born with. Humans come in different variations and there’s nothing wrong with that, and the fact society says so to make a profit is the real issue that needs to be examined.

            Not to go too far on a tangent. . .

            Sit down and consider what you actually want in life, what metrics matter to you the most? When you answer this question, make sure it is yours and not something society told you it should be. You are the one that must deal with the decisions you make and the consequences of those choices. So, wouldn’t it make more sense to think about what you want and how to bring that into your life than what you don’t want and fighting to keep that out? Wouldn’t it be better to think about how well things can go rather than how fucked up things can get?

            We get it, shit happens, and we have to deal with it. However, it doesn’t mean we have to be in a shitty mood and have a sour disposition all the time. How you view things and how you proceed to deal with adversity is dictated by the quality of your thoughts and, if those thoughts are steeped in negativity as some form of artificial realism, then you’re going to get the same shitty results you’ve always gotten. Consider what you truly want from this life and the metrics that matter to you the most. You can truly have it; however, you must put in the work to not only get it, but to be the person that deserves to have and knows what to do with it once he receives it.

Hope this helps,


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