Stop Chasing Relationships

Most men don’t chase women so much as relationships. They’ve fallen into the societal trap of believing relationships are the ultimate metric that defines a man’s existence, and such couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about the lunacy for a moment, you’re telling me a man can start from nothing, build a six-figure business, scale it up to $500 million per year, amass tons of political influence and get laws passed that benefit his bottom line, become a magnate and start buying other businesses to scale his profits into the hundreds of billions but impressing a woman and being her lapdog is all he’s worth in life?

            You couldn’t come up with a worse idea for a joke if you tried.

            Relationships are not the end-all-be-all a man’s existence. They are the end-all-be-all for a woman’s existence. Plain and simple. Now, some will get offended by that statement reality is reality. Women need men; men don’t need women. Why do you think women focus on relationships so much? Why do you think they try to live up to ridiculous beauty standards society tricked them into believing men set up when most men don’t care what a woman looks like as long as she’s bang-able and doesn’t get on his nerves 24/7?

            The fact is men view relationships as a metric they need to hit to be liked, loved, and accepted and it simply isn’t true. Look, I’m not for or against relationships. I’m simply saying it is not a requirement to live a happy and fulfilling life. There are millions of people who live without romantic partners, and they are just fine. Do not let the news and mainstream media fool you into believing that people are struggling to live because they don’t have someone to hold them at night. Do not let this online shit fool you into believing it is an apocalypse when the only thing that determines that is the quality of your thoughts and character as a man.

            You do not need a relationship to be happy. You do not need a relationship to have a worthwhile existence. Men are the most extraordinary creation in the solar system as they always have the potential to improve and limitless creativity and drive when applied properly. Do not limit yourself to one type of lifestyle as there are billions of ways to live this thing called life and The American Dream is only one of them. Many people live in vans, RV’s, Trailers, as Nomads, and they are just as happy as two people who fell in live, had a family and are living the very best version of a traditional lifestyle.

            Stop chasing relationships and start chasing the life you truly want to live for yourself. Start asking yourself what you really want and start to align your life with whatever that is. Chart the path to freedom, not more money in a bank account (unless that’s what you want). Stop trying to ‘get the bag’ and ‘get a life you enjoy living’. Material possessions don’t make you happy, happiness makes you happy, doing what you enjoy makes you happy and having experiences with the people that matter the most is what makes you happy. Not more stuff, not more money, and not more pussy. Sure, that stuff might give you a high for a while, but the void that remains in your soul, the demons you have to fight and the questions you need to ask yourself will still remain. Until you stop trying to hit metrics that don’t matter and start chasing the life that does matter, you will never feel like you’re good enough when the fact is you are.

            Take just one day out of the many you have left and really ask yourself what the fuck you want and become crystal clear on it. Do that one thing and watch your life change for the better.

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