How To Get Started With Minimalism

For those of you who are thinking about getting started with minimalism, about getting rid of some of the things you have that take up space in your closet or appliances you don’t use or shoes you don’t wear or to stop buying things you don’t want after a week. This post is for you as we’re going to get into some of the ways you can get started with minimalism.

            The first thing you want to do is to empty out your closet and place all your items into two piles: the items you wear and the items you don’t wear. After you do this and you examine the piles, get rid of all the items you don’t wear. Like, right now! It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can sell it, you can give it away or donate it, you can send it to Goodwill, or you can set it by the dumpster and let the homeless people take them. That last one is usually what I do as trying to sell clothes is a hassle I don’t care for.

            After that, you want to clean up your room and organize everything to where you can find it if you need it. If you find that cleaning up your room is a chore and there’s still a lot of stuff to move around, that means there’s still more work to do. Bottles of cologne, jewelry, books, instruments, artwork, pointless college textbooks, whatever else is in your room that you don’t use needs to go, ASAP! It serves you no purpose, you’re never going to use that stuff so why is it in your room? Get rid of it!

            You can repeat this process in every room until you have only what you need and what you cannot get rid of. Remember, don’t force yourself to get rid of things you want to keep. Only get rid of the things that serve no purpose and you wouldn’t miss even if someone stole it. There is no numerical metric you need to hit to classify as minimalist. All that matters is you get rid of the things that don’t matter to make space for the things that do.

            The next thing you can do is organize your bills, all of them. Get all your bills in one place you know how much month you have on the end of your money and start seeing which one’s are unnecessary, which ones you can cut out, and which ones you can lower. This will allow you to decrease the frequency in which you spend your money, and you’ll end up having more money in your pocket than you anticipated each month. Money that can be put to better use like saving, investing, and enjoying yourself.

            Imagine how it would feel to only HAVE TO spend money once a month and the rest of the time choose when and how you want to use your money. It would feel like a dream, wouldn’t it? Call up the gas and electric companies and ask them to change your billing date to the first. Do the same thing with your cellphone carrier and any other bills you must maintain. That includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and whatever else you use to stream your favorite movies and shows. This will make your life less stressful and at least fifty percent of your income yours to do what you want with (provided you earn enough to cover all your expenses and then some).

            If you want to take this one a step further, you can automate all your bills that way you don’t even have to worry about physically paying them. Just set it and forget it. The only thing you’re responsible for is having enough money to cover the expense, and the more you can fix your expenses and make them less flexible, the better. You won’t have to constantly be on edge and working your ass off to afford the most basic of human needs. However, you must first figure out what your current lifestyle is costing you, what is the lifestyle you want to live, and how much you need to earn to cover the expenses to where they only make up fifty percent of your income or less.

Hope this helps,


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