Money Isn’t Everything

Oh boy, I know this one is going to be up for a serious debate but hear me out, I’m not going where you think I am. When one says, ‘money isn’t everything’, they usually say that because they’re broke. Now, I just so happen to be broke but that’s not the reason I’m saying this. The reason I’m saying this is because I, personally, don’t care about money and most of my daily activity doesn’t involve money or involves very little money. The life I want to live doesn’t really have money as the driving force or defining metric over the quality of my existence. I’m a philosophical person by nature and am not interested in living that fanciful lifestyle where one can go anywhere, they want and engage in debauchery into infinity.

            Now, if you want to do all that then go ahead. This is not me trying to convince you to be a poor, righteous individual. I preach sound money psychology, so you don’t come from a place of jealously and envy when it comes to people who have more money than you. When I say money isn’t everything, I mean that personally. I don’t need a lot of money to live my life; however, there is a certain threshold everyone must hit if they are to survive comfortably; outside of that, money isn’t needed for much else.

            If travel is part of your ideal lifestyle, then you need to figure out how to generate location-independent income so you can travel. If having flashy things is your ideal lifestyle then not only do you have to generate a massive amount of money, but enough money to where those flashy things you buy are only ten percent of your total net worth so you can keep doing these things. Different people want to live different lifestyles, and I get that. The thing is, don’t make money the defining metric for your quality of existence the same way one shouldn’t make females the defining metric of their self-worth as a man.

            The Pursuit of Money & Success is a noble one and I applaud anyone that is in pursuit of it. The only thing I’m saying is home in on what type of lifestyle you want to live and to make sure it is your life and the one someone else prescribed for you. Make sure you are living your own narrative and not someone else’s is all I’m saying. Your story deserves to be written by you and for you, and this existence is too short to try and hit societal standards that ultimately don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. If you live a life where money isn’t the defining metric of what you can and can’t do, then money should only be for survival and nothing more.

            Now, I do know that occasionally people like to buy nice things and splurge. That’s not an issue at all. When you live your life efficiently and you’re comfortable with the way you live (as in you have nothing to prove to anyone) then you’ll have the money to splurge when the urge arises, and it’ll be the best feeling ever as your life doesn’t center around a bank balance.

            Now, some people will totally disagree as the cost of living is rising with rent, mortgages, housing costs, etc. All that is true and the natural threshold for how much you need to make will rise. However, that doesn’t stop one from living their life in the most efficient way possible. That doesn’t change the principles of economy, sound money psychology, and efficiency. Most people tend to focus on the wrong things being how much money you need versus what lifestyle they want to live.

            An inexpensive lifestyle will always be inexpensive no matter how much the cost-of-living rises, and an efficient way of living will always be efficient until circumstances change. When that happens, it is up to you to figure out how to remain lean and efficient if that’s the life you want to live. And sometimes, efficiency does cost money.

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