5 Narratives Society Sells You

As with any post that talks about the selling of souls, a follow up explaining the concept is often required. Now, I’m not doing this because someone asked me to but because I feel like it. The concept of the devil selling narratives in exchange for your soul is a useful but vague analogy as it induces people to rely on conventional wisdom and perform no further investigation as they already assume they know what this means.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m right or that my way is the only way; no, this is more about orientation of perspective rather than right and wrong. With that being said, let’s get to it. . .

  1. The Victim Narrative– This one is based solely on women under the guise that they’ve been oppressed and treated as second class citizens since the inception of America. This one is powered by feminism, social justice, leftism, and democracy. This narrative serves to garner sympathy for women who make terrible decisions and proceed to take no accountability or responsibility for their actions. This is also based on society’s perpetual infantilization of women, absolving them from all forms of personal agency and treating them as children. Children the government doesn’t want to pay for, so the government spins the “American Dream” narrative to convince men to get married and have children so the women can divorce them and fuck off half of everything the guy has busted his ass his entire life for. The main driver of this narrative is to indoctrinate women into hating men and rewarding them for doing so, keeping the masses divided and easy to control.
  2. The College Narrative– Go to school and get indoctrinated into being an obedient worker, go to college to pay for a future you could get without the useless degree and massive debt, get a job that’s supposedly going to elevate you to the middle class and marry a supposedly decent partner and live a comfortable middle class existence. Just a couple problems: College is in the business of making money as opposed to education, most degree programs are absolutely useless, people only go to college to get drunk and have sex, oh and don’t forget about the tuition costs rising by the hour. Seriously, there’s no need to go that far in on this narrative as it is fairly obvious from the loan repayments, bullshit jobs people have to take to make ends meet, the bullshit bachelors degree you can barely wipe your ass with as the paper its printed on is cheap as fuck, and the lack of preparedness for the real world that has resulted in going to college as well as the continual fucking in the ass of everyone with a credit card. Need I say more?
  3. The Men Ain’t Shit Narrative– this one is purely gynocentric and based on manipulating the minds of women worldwide, or at least in the united states. The prevailing theme here is that men are responsible for all the evils that women and society face and that they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This one is a driver of feminism and is predicated on pitting women against men across the board. The more women believe men are creeps, weirdoes, toxic, violent beasts, the more threatened they will feel and the more likely they will spew out false allegations that will get men locked up and fuel the private prison industry. This one serves to put men in the absolute weakest position possible by implying the ultimatum of serving your feminine overlord or being put through the ringer by way of the criminal court, divorce court, or family court.
  4. The Strong, Independent Woman Narrative– We already know how this one plays out. Women go out and catch more bodes than a morgue in their twenties, get to about twenty-seven/twenty-eight and realize their running out of time, start ‘dating with a purpose’ by the time their thirty and try to rush a family by the time they’re thirty-five. Simply ridiculous. Women have swallowed this narrative hook, line, and sinker as it has tricked them into believing they can do what men can do and do it in heels. I wonder if that includes building a nuclear powerplant, maintaining the infrastructure of society, construction, engineering of any kind, leading an army into an important war, making rational and level-headed decisions under immense pressure, working oil rigs, electrical power lines, sanitation, and a plethora of other tings men have been doing for hundreds and thousands of years but suddenly women can surpass that gap in a mere sixty. . . Okay princess, lets see you try! It’s really hilarious how strong and independent women are but they still expect men to pave the way and roll out the red carpet for them, funny how most people on welfare and government assistants are women, funny how women never take the jobs that are essential to keeping businesses running; you know, the ones that require physical labor. Funny how women expect to get flown out, splurged on, and pampered like children without reciprocating anything and then want to complain the moment the smallest thing is asked of them, yeah, real independent!
  5. The Red Pill Narrative– I hate to have to do this but I must for the sake of men understanding the reality of the situation. The red pill in the manosphere has been diluted to just female nature and trying to get more pussy. What these PUA’s and Dating Coaches and outright idiots have done is taken female nature, twenty percent of the equation, and extrapolated it across the board. Now, when you search the term ‘red pill’ you see PUA’s and Dating Coaches trying to sell you this fantasy of finding a good woman and making her love you for life. The original message has been stamped out and reduced to satisfying the biological imperative, the same imperative that has been used against men this entire time for gynocentric ends. With the perpetuation of red pill rage, PUA’s, Dating Coaches, and extremists, the community has incurred a bad name and reputation. Now, I’m not proposing we give a fuck what society thinks but simply saying it would be wise to not make this any harder than it already is. The red pill is apolitical, it has no agenda. it is simply men understanding reality and making their own choices accordingly. This current narrative is conducive to the gynocentric agenda as it further pits men against women thus keeping the masses divided and not focusing on what is really going on around them. This one is a gift and a curse as younger men are becoming aware of the game but on the other hand men and women are being driven further apart as per the gynocentric agenda.

The Red Pill is more than female nature and satisfying the biological imperative. It is a state of awareness pertaining to the world around you. Recognizing the connectivity of every aspect of life from fitness to science to education to politics to government to economics. Everything in this society is about control and power for the few and the disenfranchisement of the many. Always remember that this isn’t about men vs women. That’s what they want you to think. That would keep your attention elsewhere while the ones at the top do whatever the hell they want to do, make decisions that affect your life without a care what happens to you.

The Red Pill is about understanding reality and taking your power back by refusing to be a slave to this system and its selfish, profit driven agenda. it is about reclaiming your sovereignty as an individual and living life on your own terms, not women. Women are a distraction and the number one medium gynocentrism uses to enslave men, don’t fall for this PUA, high value man, Alpha Male bullshit. It means nothing in the larger scheme of things. Worry about creating the lifestyle you want for yourself and living as simply and contently as possible. And remember, self-improvement isn’t always about having more but sometimes having less.

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