The Six Things People Sell Their Souls For

This post is going to get deep. A while ago I did a livestream on my Youtube channel going into the six things people sell their souls for.

These six things are often sought after separately but one of those things can get you the other five in one fell swoop.

When it comes to selling one’s soul, the devil comes to you with a promise and that promise usually encompasses everything you want. However, the things you want are not the things being sold to you but rather the incentive.

The reason most regret getting into the music industry or the movie industry or anything mainstream is because you have to give up the only thing in this world that is truly yours for things that are only yours as long as you’re alive. See, the soul is everlasting and so transcends the worth of anything material; the concept of selling your soul for anything in this material world is ridiculous.

So why do people do it?

Some do it to improve their circumstances while others do it because they feel their souls aren’t worth anything. The concept of selling your soul is predicated on lack of spiritual awareness and disconnectedness with infinite intelligence or consciousness. Only people who are deeply asleep would ever consider selling their souls as awakened people understand the are not the flesh but the spirit that animates it.

When you sell your soul you are forever bound to the devil and his bidding, he owns you and you either do what he says or suffer the consequences in the fine print. The devil offers you things but places clauses in it, beyond your knowledge, that punish you for breaking the contract. Thing is, the devil is going to punish you anyway as he only gives you what you think you want for a period of time.

Think about the way women are nice for ninety days and then start demanding a relationship. How they are nice until marriage then show their true colors. It’s the same concept. You get what you want for a short period of time in exchange for the rest of your life. Not really a fair contract, is it?

Of course it’s not.

Contracts like that are short lived because you didn’t put in the necessary work to earn those things on your own. You didn’t put in the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice necessary for everlasting success. Why do you think you deserve to live the high life without putting in work while someone who busted their ass for it doesn’t? What makes you so special to think you can have everything handed to you without consequences? What puts you above reality?


Anyway, let’s get to the things people sell their souls for. . .

  1. Money– This one is pretty common as people think money will solve all their problems. It is true the bulk of people’s problems are financial but most never bother to investigate the root of those financial problems. Money problems come from the false belief that money is the root of all evil, which it is not. When one thinks this, they subconsciously aim to get rid of money whenever they get it because they don’t want to be associated with evil. This way of thinking is prevalent in the black community which keeps people poor. So, even when they get money, they find ways to get rid of it by buying stupid shit because they believe that if they are broke and righteous and act as if they don’t care about money then they are virtuous when that is far from the truth. If you want to solve your money problems, eliminate the belief that money is the root of all evil. Money is not as hard to obtain as one might think, it is your belief system that gets in the way of this. Eliminate false beliefs and watch your wallet start to get bigger.
  2. Power– This one is common for people who have been treated like shit their entire lives and now want revenge on the people who did them wrong. This one is predicated on being better than the people that ridiculed and spat on you in the past, the need for revenge. Power is the ability to influence and people understand that if they get into a position to influence their environment they can get what they want, including money. People who sell their souls for power typically have an inferiority complex as they have been made to feel worthless and weak based on how people treated them. For individuals like this, introspection is paramount as it would help them find value within themselves and disregard what others think. Getting revenge and stepping on people’s backs will not make you feel any better, nor will selling your soul to the devil to get revenge on the guys that bullied you in high school. Hit the gym and learn how to fight, introspect and find value within yourself and you’ll have all the power you’ll ever need.
  3. Fame– Personally I find this one ridiculous as it is nothing more than a popularity contest. This one is usually for people who have low self-esteem and sense of worth and think attention will validate their existence. This usually goes for women who want all eyes on them by virtue of the the fact they exist. Most women hate themselves and are too lazy to introspect and find value as the reality is they are good for almost nothing outside reproduction. See, this is a man’s world and so it is men that define what’s valuable and what’s not. Value is dictated by utility and durability in context of societal progression. People who sell their souls for fame just want to feel like they matter, to feel like their existence has value but don’t want to put in the work to make their existence valuable. Selling your soul to show your ass to the world is not only embarrassing but pathetic. Sit yo’ stupid ass down somewhere and build your own self-esteem and sense of worth instead of selling for soul for something as worthless as fame.
  4. Status– Most people think status and fame are the same; however, there is a distinct difference between the two. Tom Cruise is famous. Jeff Bezos is high status. When one has status, they usually have connections most people don’t have and can get things done most can’t. When one is of high status, their social circle tends to consist of the wealthy and powerful. Someone of high status is more so a brand than a person. Their name rings bells and holds authority, their presence awe inspires people and gets things done and they exude a different energy when they walk into the room. People of status have more prestige than those of fame because famous people are often shallow and only care about the popularity aspect of it. People with status can either be known or in the shadows, it doesn’t matter. Things still get done. Selling one’s soul for status makes more sense than selling it for fame as, at least you get a mixture of fame and power while pure fame is popularity and nothing else outside of getting used as a pawn to line everyone else’s pockets.
  5. Reputation– This one doesn’t get mentioned amongst the other four but is actually the foundation on which they stand. Reputation is completely dependent on other people’s perception of you. When you reputation is good, people say great things about you and gives you access to social connections, important contracts, powerful positions, and a plethora of other perks and benefits. Thing about reputation is it takes years to build and seconds to destroy which makes it a bad investment. Look, every investment someone makes comes with a risk; however, is it really wise to risk your entire existence on the perception of others which is so fickle and fleeting that it places you on an emotional rollercoaster. Anything that can be picked apart by a gust of wind has no integrity, durability, or stability. As men, we want consistency, congruency, and structure. Reputation is too soft and brittle to bet your life on. Even though it can lead to great things when cultivated properly, it can all be ground to dust by even the most ridiculous of lies. Forget about reputation and focus on building a brand, it’ll last much longer.

The sixth thing people sell their souls for is something everyone on the planet will sell their souls for provided it is compelling enough. It doesn’t matter what culture, what country, what ethnicity or race, what circumstance, it doesn’t matter. Everyone on the planet, including this author, would sell their soul for this thing as it will get you the other five and then some in one fell swoop.

See, when people sell their souls for these things separately, they’re only getting a piece of the pie. However, when they give their soul for the thing all humans are influenced by and shape their lives according to, they get everything they’ve ever wanted and everything they didn’t know they wanted.

When people sell their souls for this thing, they pretty much become invincible in this world. Think about how privileged women are and how no matter what they do they are absolved of all consequences simply because they are women. Think about how no matter what stupid, idiotic, and dangerous things these women do in relationships it’s always the man’s fault. Not matter how many terrible and stupid decisions they make there’s always some simp to pick up the pieces and try to make this dumbass happy.

Those of you that watched the live stream already know what it is and how deep it goes. It is the one thing that allows gynocentrism to not only exist but be as effective as it has been in leveraging men’s sexual desire against them.

Those of you who didn’t watch the stream, wanna know what it is?

Very simple, the thing everyone on the planet would sell their souls for, provided it is compelling enough, is a narrative.

That’s it.

Think about it. Why do women cling to the victim narrative? Why do you think women try so hard to always be the victim or victor. Why do you think they try so hard to be oppressed by the patriarchy? Why do you think they fuck men over with no remorse?

Because of all the free shit they get from it. Women get money, power, status, fame, reputation in one fell swoop from this victim narrative and they get all of that off the backs of men.

Do you see how powerful a narrative is? How all one has to do is spin a sob story and get all sorts of sympathy and free shit without doing any work. You see how these dumbass broads are being rewarded for raggedy behavior and horrible decision making? That’s why they do it. These broads have sold their souls for a narrative that will give them everything for free provided they remain the victim at all times.

However, the devil has clauses in every contract, that fine print you don’t know about. Wanna know what that fine print is? Your victim status only lasts so long as you never improve, never do things for the better, never choose happiness or stability, never choose peace. Basically, you’re trading an actual chance at prosperity for false prosperity. In short, you dedicate yourself to lies and falsehood and reject truth at all costs as truth will tear every illusion ever conceived to pieces.

The victim narrative, the strong/independent woman narrative, the college educated woman narrative, the ‘women are oppressed’ narrative, the ‘wage gap’ narrative, the ‘smash the patriarchy’ narrative, the ‘female empowerment’ narrative, the ‘body positivity’ narrative, the ‘slut shaming’ narrative, the ‘my body, my choice’ narrative, etc. . .

All of these tings stem from the victim narrative that gets them free shit and absolves them of any responsibility and accountability and it’s fucking disgusting.

Everyone will sell their souls for a compelling narrative as narratives and stories are what give us meaning and a sense of worth, a sense that we matter as an individual, a sense that we don’t have to work to be worth something. That is why people find fantasy more appealing than reality because in reality, you have to write the narrative while you’re living it and most people don’t have the will to do it.


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