The Truth About The Alpha/Beta Archetypes

Alright guys, guess I have a lot to say today as I usually don’t do two in the same day.

The thing about these archetypes is that they are a matter of individual perception. No man is universally Alpha or beta, it is only a matter of the reputation he has in his social circle. Depending on the culture the man lives in, he can be either/or. So stop letting others’ perceptions dictate your reality.

This is true when it comes to women and dating. You’ve all heard the say ‘women make rules for betas and break them for alphas’ which is true to an extent. It just depends on how she sees you.

These PUA’s and Dating Coaches like to make it seem like if you get your money right, looks right, status right, and power right that you’ll be universally alpha amongst all women.

This is not the case and it never will be.

An alpha is only dominate at one, maybe two, aspects of life and he’s average at the rest like everyone else. An alpha male is not Superman, he’s simply a dude who’s comfortable in his own skin and leads his own life. Simple as that.

The personality traits that most would define as ‘alpha’ vary between individuals and you don’t know everyone on the planet nor what they’ve been through. Judging a book by its’ cover is something that works in most case but in this one it’s tricky. A skinny guy can know karate and a muscle bound guy can be a gentle soul. Looks can be deceiving.

Guys, stop conflating a woman’s perception of you with reality. Who gives a fuck what she thinks? This is a man’s world, we built this shit and we dictate policy. What’s happened in society is that men have forgotten that by way of the ‘woman is god’ narrative and the victim mentality all women have sold their souls to.

She’s coming into your world, not the other way around. Whoever provides the most in any arrangement is the most valuable. That is how every other aspect of life works regardless of quantity and in high regard for quality.

If your life is perfect before a woman comes into the picture and all you encounter is problems after she arrives. . . leave that bitch!

Enough said!

Just because one woman or a couple women make rules for you doesn’t mean you are unilaterally beta and can’t get pussy to save your life. It only means you’re shopping outside your wheelhouse. If you’re a nerd, stop going after party girls and stick to the bookstores and libraries. If you’re a party monster, stick to the clubs and bars and stop going to art galleries. It really is that simple.

For all my red pill supporters, my day one’s that don’t give a fuck about dating and realize all this is bullshit, realize y’all not the only ones that watch my stuff. I’m just trying to knock some common sense into these dumbasses that insist on dealing with these idiot broads.

I know its a lost cause at this point, but, someone’s gotta keep fighting and I have plenty left in me. That out the way, let’s continue. . .

A females’ perception of you doesn’t matter because she’s not bringing anything of value to your world you don’t already have. She’s not providing for you, she’s not protecting you, she’s not keeping a roof over your head. All she needs to do is cook, clean, and suck dick on the weekends and if she can’t do that then she needs to go.

Somebody has to say it so it might as well be me. . .

A woman’s value outside of reproduction is those three simple things along with a pleasant personality and easygoing disposition. however, finding that is like trying to fight all the gods of Olympus with a wooden sword and a Fisher Price shield which is damn near impossible.

Leave all the alpha/beta talk for the women. You’re a man and that’s all that matters. Stop letting a female’s perception define your masculinity and your value as a man. You’re already more valuable than 90% of these airheaded broads so don’t let any of their nonsense get to you, you’ll lose braincells trying to make sense of it.

And to all the butthurt people who have something to say, say it. That’s what the comment section is for.

Bottom line, if she’s making rules for you, she sees you as the beta. If she’s breaking rules for you, do what you gotta do and get rid of her as she’s most likely trash.


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