5 Words Women Use When They Don’t Get Their Way

Alright, this one is going to be a quick one. In the year 2022 and beyond, you guys will be hearing these words almost all the time if you’re a masculine man that doesn’t take any crap from these broads.

Women like to use these words when you demonstrate that you have boundaries and lines that are not to be crossed no matter what. Women typically hate boundaries as they fend off manipulation and emotional bullying.

These words are often how women gain power in the relationship and leverage your emotional and sexual desires against you to get what they want.

It’s time to put a stop to this. . .

Whenever you hear these words just know the broad you’re dealing with is trying to manipulate you into letting her do whatever she wants. It is time we as men stop rewarding these women for bad behavior and terrible decisions.

This is reality, and, in reality, there are consequences for your actions. Some good, some bad, and some detrimental. Life is a game where people are spawned in random situations and circumstances and have to fight for a higher quality of existence. We do not have time for these women and their childish games.

Life for masculine men is a war zone and they think its a joke because they’ve been sold the narrative that men are disposable utilities and nothing more. That men don’t have feelings and are designed to do a woman’s bidding by virtue of her existence which makes her superior.

It is time you guys become privy to the playbook and understand these women are one trick ponies with nothing but sexual wiles as a bargaining chip. Everything a woman can achieve in a relationship is done through sexual manipulation, nothing else. Take sex away and they have nothing left.

They play childish games and make your life a living hell to place you on an emotional rollercoaster so you can get addicted and not leave them when you recognize they’re trashy pieces of shit. I’ll say this only once. . .

Any woman that makes your life difficult hates you.

Run that through your head until it sinks in. . .

Women make things easy for the guys they like and difficult for the guys they don’t. It really is this simple. Simps, chumps, beta males, manginas, male feminists, incels, are hated universally by women. Chad, Tyrone, Pookie, Ray-Ray, David, Winston, Brad, Daquan, are liked universally by women.

Understand this.

Accept this.

Move on with your life.

Alright, enough preamble. Let’s get to the five words women use to trigger you when they don’t get their way. . .

1.Toxic– Women typically use this word when you demonstrate that you have some backbone and won’t give her any special treatment. Women spend all their time chasing men who don’t want them because they are addicted to the thrill. They may call those men toxic but that is exactly what gets their pussy wet. Don’t fall for this bullshit. Women use this word as a form of manipulation for guys they think they’re better than. So, anytime a woman calls you toxic because you tell her no, or conduct yourself as a masculine man, just know she thinks she’s better than you and that you should treat her like a queen.

2.Abusive– This one is rich. Women have a habit of taking very serious situations and making jokes out of them with no finesse or comedic skill whatsoever. They truly think this word is funny until they meet a guy that doesn’t hesitate to punch her in the mouth. With the exception of men that hit women, this word is a false alarm. Women use this word when they get butthurt about something you did or a decision you made without consulting them, as if they are your mother or something. Anything you do as a man that doesn’t directly benefit a woman (preferably at your expense) she’ll call you abuse. This is typically over the smallest things like when she asks you something and you say no in a stern tone, or when she tries to hit you and you push her away so she lands on the couch without injury, or when you play a harmless prank on her she doesn’t find funny but likes to do shit to you all the time and laugh.

3.Controlling– This one right here is the most obvious sign she’s trash and you should toss the broad. Women use this when you don’t let them do whatever the hell they want. Girls’ night out, Girls’ trip, hanging out with ‘guy friends’, using social media, and pretty much being a thot. When you set clear boundaries and ground rules and tell her what you’re not okay with, she wants to call you controlling because you’re not giving her free reign to be hoe. Women that say this are utterly worthless and 100% manipulative, toss them.

4.Narcissist– Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. These dumbass broads don’t care about anyone or anything other than themselves and they want to call you a narcissist when you decide to put yourself first? Ridiculous. These broads are just attention whores that want eyes on them at all times and it’s disgusting. It doesn’t matter what you have to go through, so long as you get through it quickly and get back to focusing on her. Pathetic. The more attractive a broad is, the more narcissistic she is, no exceptions. It is almost impossible to find an attractive broad that doesn’t think the world revolves around her; I mean, we have brick wall, busta rhymes looking broads thinking they are dimes. What makes you think an actual ‘dime’ will think any differently.

5. Insecure– This one is used solely after the broad did something stupid that she knew was going to lead to an argument or the end of the relationship. This dumbass wants the benefits of a relationship but the freedom of being single and they will do anything to try and achieve that impossibility. This word is mainly used to invalidate your preference for exclusivity. Women know men don’t want women with more bodies than a morgue but they try to hide behind some misguided notion that a man that wants a respectable woman is insecure. Listen, a woman with an astronomical body count is not only a liability but a safety hazard. You don’t know who she’s fucking and you don’t know how much of a butter soft simp ole buddy is. Dude can roll up in your house, catch you slipping on the street, even kill you because he think you smashing ‘his’ girl not knowing she’s for the streets and ain’t nobody broad. Toss these broads as they are utterly worthless.

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