What It Takes To Be A Man

Now, I can sit here and write posts all day about female nature and how these broads are wild, undomesticated, savage animals but it really wouldn’t do any good.

The dynamic between males and females will forever be something every man deals with no matter how much they distance themselves. Females have an innate ability to drag people into ridiculous situations and get them in trouble, which is why men are no longer dealing with them.

Even if you’re a dude minding his business and have no intention of getting involved with women in any way, shape, or form, some way or other women will get you involved in something stupid by way of playing the damsel in distress, shaming/guilting, manipulating other people against you, and a myriad of stupid and childish games.

When dealing with these savages in these Sodom and Gomorrah times, its important that you define and determine your own value as a man. Women cannot, have not, and will not have the authority to define what it is to be a man as they have no concept of masculinity other than what they’ve been programmed to believe.

Here’s the raw truth: Women are worthless.

What do I mean? I’ll explain. . .

Women have absolutely no utility outside of reproduction yet want to walk around and poster as if they do. Women are not biologically designed to do what men do, simple as that. They’re not as strong, powerful, resourceful, logical, level-headed, and overall superior. Women are biologically different than men and that has no bearing on the worth of a human life. In the end, humans are humans. However, men are better at way more things than women thus the fact men build civilizations and are responsible for peace and prosperity.

Women, on the other hand, are typically responsible for instability, destruction, and chaos. That’s where women thrive which is why they chase the bad boys and fuck off their twenties then come around ten years later talking about “I need a man!” And to those women. . .

Fuck you. . . that is all.

Look at the state of society from an objective standpoint and tell me men are responsible for this bullshit. . . I won’t wait because stupidity irritates me.

Outside of being simps and enablers in regard to men, women have been responsible for the destruction of the nuclear family, single mother households, parental alienation, weaponizing children, aborting children, kicking the father out the home, using child support as backdoor alimony, baby trapping, sperm jacking, setting men up to be robbed, killed, or put in prison, no-fault divorce, and the list goes on.

This has always been, is, and will be about the type of man you are and never about the women you deal with. As men with their shit together (or in the process of doing so) are the prize unilaterally, across the board. It is men that build civilizations, it is men that invent things, it is men that spend their lives benefitting others, it is men that make the sacrifices, it is men that put in the elbow grease, it is men that work long hours into the night on their purpose/mission, it is men that forge the path to peace and prosperity by way of blood, sweat, and tears, it is men that erect kingdoms and lead the masses to higher qualities of existence, and the list goes on.

Now, men are capable of some savage things. You can bring up, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Genghis Khan, Ted Bundy, The Menendez Brothers, Dracul, Andrew Jackson, Willie Lynch, and the list goes on.

No denying that.

However, men are responsible for way more good than evil in society.

Which is why society tries so hard to leverage men’s sexual desire for nefarious ends. To put men in compromising positions that strip them of everything they’re worth down to their very souls and throw the useless bodies to the side when done.

Has it every crossed anyone’s mind that if a system is trying incredibly hard to keep you asleep, there’s something they don’t want you to awaken to?

If women are so empowered, why do they need to manipulate men to get what they want?

I thought they were strong, independent, and didn’t need no man. . . bang up job ladies!

Alright, now for the main reason of this post. There is only one thing it takes to be a man and it is the foundation of all things, it is the very essence of masculinity and the source of its power, the very thing that drives men to be extraordinary and maximize their true potential and that is to be fearless.

That’s it.

Be fearless.

This society runs on fear and negative emotions. It runs on instability, chaos, destruction, dysfunction, cognitive dissonance, wickedness, and falsehood. To be a man is to be the total opposite of what this world wants you to be and be willing to stand alone. Being a man is looking this degeneracy in the face and rejecting it. Being a man is looking that woman in the eyes while she cries those fake and manipulative tears and still telling her no. Being a man is walking away from any situation that doesn’t benefit you. Being a man is going where you’re appreciated and not tolerating an environment where you’re not wanted. Being a man is realizing the world doesn’t care about you and you’re not obligated to care about it either. Being a man is accepting yourself for who you are and expressing that with no apologies or need for approval. Being a man is being masculine and disregarding everything that is not conducive to masculinity in its purest form.

In short, being a man is a lot of things but being fearless is the essence of it.

Take full control and responsibility for everything in your life. Place yourself in environments that make you feel wanted or, at least, are not adversarial toward you. Prioritize your peace of mind and equanimity for these allow you to function at your highest capacity. Train your body as it will become the physical manifestation of masculinity in its most divine form. Train your mind as it will guide your body to the limits of your potential. Train your spirit as it will help you transcend the materialist paradigm and understand the universe for what it truly is. Train your psychological acumen as it will help in altering and improving your DNA structure as all experiences have an effect on it, that’s how we’re able to adapt as humans.

Being a man is one thing and one thing only, and how that manifests is up to you.

Be Fearless. Cultivate the strength of your convictions. And, most importantly. . .

Be a man.

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