The Art Of War: Female Nature Edition

When it comes to being successful in any war, one must be a master strategist and tactician. Strategy refers to seeing the overall picture and being able to manipulate the battlefield to your advantage. Tactics refer to infield work, particularly the ability to read the situation on the ground and come up with plans intuitively or make tweaks to the existing plan using discretion and judgment as well as accounting for what the situation demands.

When it comes to female nature the same rules apply; however, if you don’t have dick discipline and can be easily manipulated by sex and lust, it is a moot point for you to consume this information.

Let’s get one thing clear: this is not dating advice. This is to protect you from getting fucked over in your dealings with the modern woman.

Here are some ways to keep your mind, heart, sanity, and freedom intact when dealing with these savage beasts called women. . .

  1. Judge The Book By Its Cover– conventional wisdom would tell you not to do this and in some cases it is true; however, modern women are not the sharpest tools in the toolshed, their only weapon is a man’s sexual desire meaning they are one-trick ponies. How a person presents themselves is a physical manifestation of their internal state of mind and with women it is especially so. Since women lack depth and substance, they put everything they can into their looks and artificially inflate their value. Here’s a rule of thumb: the more makeup she uses the uglier she actually is. Put another way from a meme I saw on Instagram “If being a baddie is expensive, you ain’t a baddie”.
  2. Sit Back & Observe– observation can tell you everything you need to know about an individual without you having to ask any questions. Although observation and context clues requires a bit of critical thinking and assessment, any man can spot a red flag if he’s paying attention. These savages will outright tell you they have five kids by four different dudes and expect you to be alright with that. They’ll tell you their body count if you ask them in a nonjudgmental way. They’ll Throw all their cards on the table and show you their hand without you so much as uttering a word about yourself as they are so narcissistic that they are incapable of reading a situation. Dick Discipline is key for this one as it is for everything else, without it you won’t be able to use any of this information.
  3. Have A Clear Objective– No dude should be taking a woman out on a date just to smash, that’s ridiculous. Put that childish notion of “I want real affection” to the side and simply pay for it. Sex is not a goal, it is not an objective as it has no tangible value or worth to you. If you are monogamous and a relationship is what you want (as insane as it is) then you need something called a vetting process. Translation: put that bitch through the gauntlet and then some. If you have something else in mind like using her for your business, a connection to someone who can help further your agenda or even forming a harem, then you need a strategy and tactics on how to attain it. There’s a reason for the saying “all’s fair in love & war”, she’s supposed to be ‘in love’ while you’re fully aware you’re at ‘war’.
  4. Understand You’re At War– The reason men fall for the stupid shit they do is they don’t realize they are in a war, a war on masculinity and men. Once you become fully aware of this, it is impossible to look at women the same and handle them with kid gloves. This is not the time to be a lover boy but a merciless commander and sometimes dictator as it is you that has to expend the most time, effort, energy and resources to get not only what you want in life but what the people closest to you want as well. If you want to live a life of absolute freedom it is best you do so with no attachments as attachment creates suffering. Should you want to deal with these savage beasts it is best you understand what you’re dealing with and realize your job is to tame and keep this beast under control or it will turn on you the first chance it gets. No exceptions.
  5. There Are No Teams, Only Alliances– The broads you deal with are not your friends, they are not your teammates, they will not take a bullet for you, and they most certainly won’t die for you. Are there cases where the opposite is true? Yes. Is it likely? No. The best thing you can get with these broads is an alliance where you are on your mission as a man and she’s at least tolerable enough to not get in the way of that. If she helps you with your mission and speeds up your progress, you’re a lucky bastard considering what’s out there. If you two have aligning goals, all the better. Alliances formed through mutual interest is stronger than alliances formed through good will as that can change at any moment. Get it through your head that a perfect stranger has no reason to be nice to you and submit to your program, that’s not how the world works. You have to have something they want or they have to see something in you that makes you worth it in their eyes. Neither factor is in your control, so get your head out your ass and into the battlefield.

Best of luck soldier, in this gynocentric society you’ll need it.


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