Disney Hunt: 5 Myths That Need To Be Eliminated

Even though simps and cucks and chumps and bitch-ass niggas were never my target audience, I feel the time has come for someone to make a post addressing them and their asinine belief system when it comes to women and life in general.

For too long, these chumps have been running around making shit harder for everyone in a myriad of ways, the most pressing being the absolute slaughter of the sexual marketplace. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a damn about the sexual marketplace or what it does; however, that does not change the fat of the matter: everything has gone to shit and simps are a huge part of that equation.

So begins what I call the Disney Hunt, as Disney is also responsible for this fantastical, whimsical, and childish belief system society holds. Fundamentally speaking, Disney is doing its job in maintaining the gynocentric agenda by way of subliminal messaging, social conditioning and. . .well, I’ll not go into the subject regarding children but you already know what I mean.

With that being said, let’s get to five myths that need to be eliminated from the minds of men (and women) around the world. . .

  1. Love Conquers All– This just sounds like bullshit every time it is uttered. Reality doesn’t give a fuck about love and no, it can’t be conquered. Good shit happens, bad shit happens, fucked up shit happens, and outright evil shit happens. Love has nothing to do with any of that as different circumstance bring out different emotions. Live is a spiritual and ethereal matter only reached when one has mastered acceptance of reality and all its fuckery. No one has reached that because everyone has done some stupid shit in order to get what they want in life. Most people are ruled by based desires and manipulated by their egos which makes them fundamentally selfish. Love, in it’s true essence, is unconditional and women are the worst at it because everything they do when it comes to relationships is conditional, no exceptions. Men more closely reflect love but mostly it’s just their dick getting hard and murdering their logic and reason to give rise to emotionality which goads them into stupid decisions that ruin them. Love doesn’t conquer shit, you only reach love once you conquer yourself and accept reality.
  2. The One– I just had breakfast this morning so I’ll try not to throw it up on my keyboard. There is no such thing as the one; in fact, it is statistically impossible. There are eight billion people on this planet which means everything is reduced to degrees of compatibility. There are people who are more compatible and less compatible. The belief that there is only one person for comes from your idiocy. The fact you believe some plain ass broad is the one is because you invested things you never should have; you gave this dumbass broad your heart and sold your soul to her and now you think that she’s the one. You didn’t fall in love with the broad but yourself as that is the essence you instilled in her. Women are vessels and men are lifeforms, the energy you put into her is supposed to be incubated and returned; in the event of reproduction, it is supposed to bring life to the world, a manifestation of a spiritual exchange that can never be artificially duplicated no matter how advanced technology becomes. There is no one, only the one you choose and you can choose anyone at any time and at any place. Stop this nonsense.
  3. Love at First Sight– Anyone that still believes this one needs to be hit over the head with a brick and dosed up with red pills until they pass out from shock. Love, in the physical sense, can only be cultivated through years of conflict and conflict resolution and sticking with someone through crisis after crisis. Why do you think people who never met each other but go through a shit ton of life and death crises end up catching feelings for each other in movies? Because crisis is a shortcut to creating bonds. Love at first sight is impossible as you don’t know anything about this person, they are a perfect stranger. That feeling most guys get is their logic and reason being murdered as their dicks syphon all the blood that usually goes to the brain for biological ends, it is a synergy of all the feel-good chemicals going off in your head in unison when you look at an aesthetically pleasing woman that gives the illusion of ‘love at first sight’. Get a grip on your dick and go sit down somewhere, you’re embarrassing yourself.
  4. She Loves Me For Me– What the fuck does this even mean? Strong men do not need women to love them. Men are perfectly capable of accepting themselves and being comfortable in their own company, what the fuck do you need a woman for? If you want someone to love you for you, look in the mirror and try loving that motherfucker first and then come back and say that stupid shit again. Anyone who believes this has low levels of self-respect and dignity about themselves and needs to be brought to a bootcamp that specializes in simp-breaking. A woman will never love you for you because she doesn’t give a fuck about you in the first place. If you can’t provide a better lifestyle and great dick you’re useless to her, simple as that.
  5. Nice Guys Win In The End– after she’s been ran through with five kids from four baby daddies with two sleeves of tattoos and a tramp stamp and developed the habits of drinking, smoking, and popping mollies so she can function. After she’s rejected you time after time and condemned you to the friendzone and used you as an emotional tampon after Cameron beat her over the head for fucking up the butter biscuits only to go back to him and get piped the same night. After she manipulated you, used you for money, time and attention with no intention of reciprocity. Yeah, nice guys win, if you call getting trash after fifteen years of rejection a win. If you call not moving on with your life and subjecting yourself with far less than you deserve a win. If you call being a simp, chump, cuck, and a bitch to women a win. If that’s your criteria, yeah, nice guys win in the end. But, then again, a simp is a simp and we know how much or a lost cause it is to try and change one.

If you know any simps out there share this post, they desperately need it.


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