If I HAD To Give Dating Advice. . .

I’ll admit I’m not particularly reluctant to make this post but I’m not particularly excited about it either. What I’m going to do here is give you a hypothesis as to how to be successful in the dating game should you be insane enough to engage in it. I don’t cast judgments on anyone as everyone has the right to live their lives the way they want to live it and it is not in my jurisdiction, nor will it ever be, to tell someone what to do with the time THEY have on this earth. I’m not that self-aggrandizing and narcissistic.

However, some of what I’m going to say will be self-explanatory and some of what I say will require greater depth. With that being said, let’s get to it. . .

  1. Stop Thinking with Your Dick– Listen, the word ‘dickhead’ exists for a reason, it refers to dudes who think with their dicks. Nothing good ever comes from letting little Bobby take the lead and nothing ever will. Your dick is a powerhouse and a parasite at the same time, syphoning your reasoning and logical faculties for base and emotional ends. Your dick poses as your friend but is really your enemy when it comes to women and reproduction. Biologically speaking, busting a but is the top priority consequences be damned. It is your responsibility to keep your dick in check so you don’t end up doing some stupid shit that gets you killed financially, emotionally, spiritually, and especially physically.
  2. Pussy Doesn’t Matter– In this day and age you can literally buy pussy or a more than sufficient substitute. It makes absolutely no sense for a man to expend time, attention, money, and energy on an endeavor to only get one thing in return for his efforts. Pussy has no value as it is worthless outside reproduction. If you purely want to satisfy little bobby so he’ll leave you alone and let you get on with your day, hire a sex worker, get the nut off and get on with your life. If you want something in house, get a doll. Make the logical decision and stop taking unnecessary risks for no reward. Pussy and Dick are fair exchanges as both are needed to complete the goal of reproduction, everything else is window-dressing to avoid the fact we’re nothing but animals like the rest of the species on the planet.
  3. She’s Not Special, Dumbass!– Oneitis is an especially ridiculous concept as it is not ‘love at first sight’ but your dick getting hard and feel-good chemicals rushing to your brain while your reasoning and logic get murdered at the scene. No, you do not absolutely have to fuck this broad as there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing women in the world and any one of them would do for a B.J. or a quickie in the bathroom stall of a nightclub. You are the one that is giving her this artificial value, you are the one putting her on a pedestal, you are the one treating her like a goddess and therefore you are the one responsible for subjecting yourself to shitty endeavors with these broads. She’s not special. She’s just a plain jane like the rest of them.
  4. 100% Transparency– The reason most relationships fail is because they are built on lies. Negate that by being unapologetically yourself. Let your real feelings and moods flow throughout any encounter and be 100% transparent with this broad. Do not engage in any games, trickery, or deception as she’s better at it than you are by way of biology and evolutionary design. You are a man, you can take what you want in this world; she needs you for a better life, not the other way around and she wants more from you than you do her. Therefore, you have the luxury of being 100% Transparent and starting from a place of truth, facts, common sense, and reality. If she’s not down with that, toss the bitch. there’s plenty of them.
  5. Don’t Date– Are there good women? Yes. Are there Trash women? Definitely. Problem is most are trash and just want free shit like the parasites they are. If you were a military general, would you walk into a battlefield where you had no tactical or strategic advantage whatsoever as well as no feasible way of obtaining either? I wouldn’t. Simps and white knights would, but I wouldn’t. It’s really simple, invite her somewhere or straight to your place, have a casual and low-pressure conversation, escalate to sex. If she resists, kick her out and be done with it. If she’s DTF, fuck her for as long as you please and be done with it. Dating is bullshit and you don’t have to engage in it. Stop putting yourself through unnecessary stupidity to get a nut off. Most guys want pussy and some want relationships. if you want a relationship, well, you have a full-time job on your hands and I’m afraid I can’t help you there as I quit 9-5’s.

Anyway, I don’t care if this helps but, if it does, more power to you.


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