Let’s Talk About Chad & Tyrone. . .

This one is a request from one content creator on Youtube. . .

That being said, let’s have a little talk about Chad & Tyrone.

What Chad & Tyrone means in manosphere terms is a man who is successful with women. Nothing more. People are often fixated on these two as women and pussy are the only metrics that matter in their lives. Being a Chad or Tyrone is tantamount to being a god in the reality for most men, and some even go so far as to commit suicide if they don’t have this success with women.

As ridiculous as this sounds, it is true. Women are the defining metric of existence and most men still have this mentality; this is because of our biology which drives us to preserve the species which is understandable but it also has to do with gynocentrism as well as social conditioning and mass manipulation. Yes, women are always going to be a part of a man’s life even in the smallest capacity; however, this unhealthy obsession with being a Chad or Tyrone is not normal and represents and oversexualization of both sexes in the male/female dynamic.

The only thing being a Chad or Tyrone does is open you up to more women for intercourse. Nothing more. It has no practical application to life, it won’t help you with changing your paradigm nor will it help you make money as most Chads and Tyrone’s are broke. It won’t help you with other economic aspects nor will it help you with setting boundaries and establishing values as a man. Just because you can get pussy easier than others does not mean you are living a fulfilled life. It only means you are living in your base desires.

The potential of man is limitless and so is the amount of greatness he can achieve if he puts his mind to it. Being a Chad or Tyrone is arguably a killer of ambition and anathema to the cultivation of true manhood and masculinity. Every time Chad has sex with a woman and busts a clean nut in her throat, he’s draining away his very essence as a man and weakening himself. Sex is not the problem, however, when you’re having sex faster than your body can recover from each ejaculation you exhaust the very thing that animates this flesh, your spirit.

This is how men get trapped in shitty relationships; this is how men end up in an early grave; this is how men get their lives ruined by women they found out were succubae and jezebels late in the game. Sex is a spiritual thing and was never meant for recreational use.

And besides, not every man is meant to be Chad or Tyrone. It is to the benefit of the human race every man isn’t because without technicians, doctors, engineers, construction workers, miners, craftsman, farmers, architects, philosophers, scientists, physicists, psychologists, neurologists, and many others we wouldn’t have the technology and modern society we enjoy in this day and age.

Being Chad or Tyrone is not the be-all-end-all of life, it simply isn’t, and to think so is the biggest mistake any man can make. It is up to you to get rid of that need for female acceptance and validation as it does nothing for you and is useless. What does it matter if a female thinks you’re lame, or a square, or ‘not up to her standard’? How the hell can you let a creature that literally does nothing in life dictate how you should live yours?

How the hell can you let a creature that has almost no utility and is a guaranteed liability and burden for all who have to support and put up with her look down her nose at you as if you’re the inferior one. How can you, a man, who provides all the value and does 100% of the work let a creature he practically owns tell him what the hell to do in his household and with his life?

Make this make sense. . .

This whole Chad and Tyrone this has gotten way out of hand as too many men are thinking with their dicks and not their heads. Too many men believe in this Disney fantasy and are just as stupid as women when it comes to relationships and how they work. Just because you’re Alphacock or Dick Slongertan in the bedroom for a couple nights doesn’t entitle you to undying loyalty and worship from anyone nor is it a cure-all for your pussy problems.

Being a Chad or Tyrone is about as worthless as arm candy at a gala or ballroom, it may look good and feel good but it doesn’t mean you are good. Get rid of this obsession with female validation and acceptance. Stop scraping for brownie points for one night of bedroom fun. Stop clawing at every possible prospect of pussy in hopes to get your dick wet. It is weak, unbecoming, pathetic, and ridiculous. Women don’t like chumps. Women don’t like simps. Women don’t like nice guys. When the fuck is that going to get through to your head?!

You don’t have to be a Chad or Tyrone to get laid or get this mythical love you’re looking for. You only have to be a man with strong values and principles that gives a damn about himself enough to not put up with bullshit. Most women are trash so being a principled man won’t get you all the pussy; however, it will lead you to quality women and people in general as well as a more fulfilling life. Stop living for your base desires and learn to live for yourself. Once you live for yourself then you have to live for more and achieve greater things.

Forget about Chad and Tyrone and be whoever the fuck you are to the fullest. Getting pussy doesn’t matter as much as you think it does and it never will. It is about time men get their head out of their ass and start living in reality.

Hope this helps,


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