Dating Advice vs. Knowledge of Female Nature

Alright, I think it’s time to expose this farce once and for all in a definitive manner.

What farce am I referring to?

The one where knowledge of female nature turns you into Alpha Thundercock 9000 or Dick Slongertan, that one.

There is a difference between knowledge of female nature and dating advice as both have entirely different purposes. One is centered around reproduction strategy while one is a preventative measure and self-defense mechanism against a gynocentric society.

In this post, I’ll be breaking down both of these so people can get a thorough understanding of both and choose which side of the equation they want to be on.

That being said, let’s get to it.

Starting with Dating Advice. . .

  1. The High-Value Man– Breaking down this pillar is an entire livestream in and of itself. So, for the purposes of this post, I’ll stick with the short version. This proposition is based on Looks, Money, and Status. Some people say Money, Power, and Status but it’s really the same with negligible distinction. The High-Value man is someone who has options when it comes to women, who is successful in the dating game because he has everything else sewed up and in order. He’s maxed out his sex appeal, continually increasing his wealth and constantly working to forge new connections to expand his status within his chosen profession. The main thing with this man is that everything he does is for the sake of attracting a mate. Sometimes it’s because he was rejected as an average man, a woman broke his heart, he found it too difficult in the dating game, or some other female centered reason. All in all, this man accumulates all this for the sole purpose of attracting a mate, being what society deems extraordinary to live a simple live based around dating, relationships, and family. This man is not High-Value because he wants to be, he’s High-Value because he has to be.
  2. Masculine Frame– This one is hilarious for the simple fact it is a bastardization of stoicism. The stoic philosophy is based on focusing only on what you can control and disregarding what is not. It is about introspection and getting to know yourself to the fullest extent, recognizing that everything in this world that is outside of you is utterly worthless and that it is only your internal state of being, along with the ability to maintain equanimity, is all that matters. Money, Looks, Power, Status doesn’t matter. What matters are the simple things in life that are naturally attainable, that other stuff flies in the face of Stoic philosophy and often leads to corruption. Masculine frame proposes to impose your will on another human being, that by simply ‘being masculine’ a woman is magically going to fall in line with your program. Newsflash, if you have to ‘hold a frame’ for anything, that means you’re not being true to who you are and you’re a fraud. This proposes that men put on that white shining armor and pretend to be invulnerable, not realizing that invulnerability is not cultivated on their own merit but an imaginary armor they put absolutely no work into forging themselves. All in all, masculine frame is a joke. Nothing more than an Alpha-Dude-Bro persona.
  3. Game-Should I start laughing my ass off now or is there a punchline that’s even funnier? Okay, let’s dissect this bullshit. Game was invented for dudes who sucked at becoming a High-Value man as a way to trick the system called biology. The reality of this physical realm is you’ll be treated based on what you look and what you have. If you suck in both categories, you’ll have a hard-knock life when it comes to dating, relationships, and family. Game is a lighthearted word for manipulation and deception. It operates off of the worst aspects of one’s character to take advantage of them for sextual ends. This is why PUA’s are viewed as scum and the worst kind of individuals. They not only use this on women but men as well, offering bullshit courses for thousands of dollars to tell men to go do something any other content creator would tell them for free. it’s sickening. If you really think something like ‘game’ which is barely a 150-year-old concept is going to overtake millions of years of biological evolution, not only are you out of your fucking mind but you belong in an insane asylum. Not happening, buddy! Besides, prostitution is the world’s oldest profession which means women are way better at it than you’ll ever be. So, have several seats.
  4. The Alpha Male-If you think being a High-Value Man is the same as being an Alpha Male, I have some disappointing news for you: they’re not. Being an Alpha Male is defined as being dominant in all fields, or chosen fields, of life. The Alpha Male has to be the top dog, he has to be the best, the pinnacle of excellence in any field he’s in. It is an imaginary standard people hold in their minds with definitions that differ wildly. The most common trait is dominance. However, being Alpha also has another common trait which is sex appeal which is based on being attractive and a woman’s preference at any given time. Being Alpha is totally out of a man’s control and completely in the control of how women and society see you. Know what this means? It means being ‘Alpha’ is more of a look than an act. You can be confident, charismatic, carry yourself with dignity and respect, stand up for yourself, all that good stuff. But if a woman or society doesn’t view you in that Alpha light, if they don’t perceive you as a strong, attractive, and sexually dominant male, guess what? You’re not Alpha. Deal with it. Being Alpha is 100% based on dominance and sexual attraction, if you don’t possess the qualities, traits, and genetic predisposition for these, you’re fucked. Plain and simple.
  5. Self-Improvement-Now, this one is a bit tricky. I’m a proponent of self-improvement across all aspects of one’s life. The problem comes into play when self-improvement is measured by whether a woman opens her legs. This is where the bullshit dating advice comes in. Go to the gym, dress better, get a fresh haircut, work 60hrs a week to get your money up, buy a nicer car, be confident, etc. What do all these have in common? They’re all based on aesthetics and superficiality. There’s no substance, no true personal growth, it’s all a fabrication to make yourself appear to be something you’re not and then you wonder why you still have problems with women. This form of self-improvement hinders men by telling them they need tricks, toys, and gadgets to get someone to like them. That they have to hide their true interests and hobbies because some shallow broad won’t like it and get turned off. To compromise their true identity for the sake of a woman’s conditional affection. To do irreparable damage to themselves internally and not live to their full potential based on the whims of a being that’s good for almost nothing. Ridiculous. Self-improvement is for the self, not others. It’s in the word.

Now, let’s get to knowledge of Female Nature. . .

  1. Gynocentrism– Every man that is truly Red Pill will be aware of this term and understand that this society is wholly against men, order, patriarchy, and structure. Every Red Pill man will understand that most modern women are not conducive to dating, relationships, and family and will come to the supposition that it is not worth the time, effort, or expenditure of resources to pursue such endeavors. That being said, this alone is enough to dissuade men from continuing in a rigged game that does not want them in the arena, not even as spectators.
  2. The Victim Narrative– This right here is the trump card all women use to get their way in a situation they don’t like. Thing is, anything that doesn’t benefit them and make men suffer is something they don’t like. Women use this narrative in all aspects of life, mainly politics, to get policies and laws passed that criminalizes men while absolving women of all responsibility and accountability for their choices. This narrative is based on one simple maxim: men bad, women good.
  3. Plausible Deniability– Every man knows, or should know, that a woman will never be direct with you. That she will duck and dodge any form of thorough examination of anything she says, does, believes in, or supports. This is mainly used as a deception to confuse men and absolve her of any responsibility. This allows her to get out of any situation, including legal situations, under the impression that she’s just a damsel with no awareness of the situation at any given time. Riddled with ambiguity and deception, women use this method to stay in the clear at all times.
  4. Infantilization– Society looks at women as children who can do no wrong and that is exactly how they act. Women get away with the most outlandish things including, murder, robbery, assault, rape, and a litany of other crimes a man would get life in prison for. They also commit crimes against children using parental alienation, lying to courts of law about whether a man is paying child support, aborting children without the father’s consent, using the children as pawns to further destroy not only the already dysfunctional family but the community as well. Just another reason why men are walking away as it is just too dangerous at this point.
  5. Feminism– This one right here is the nail in the coffin. The rainbow hair, the distortion of gender and sexual orientation, the brainwashing of children, social justice warriors, woke culture, cancel culture, hormone therapy for six-year-olds, overweight women, man bashing, misandry, sperm-jacking, entitlement, jezebel spirits, succubae, debunked myths like female oppression and the wage-gap, movements like #metoo, ‘women are the most unprotected’, and a whole list of bullshit too long for this post as men already get the point. This fucked up ideology has essentially destroyed society and landed us in this shithole. So much so, even these bullshit PUA’s and Dating Coaches know better than to get involved with them and they’ll smash anything moving, pretty much. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will.

As you’ll notice the female nature list is shorter than the dating advice one as there’s less bullshit and it lives in reality. The dating advice for men provides the illusion they have more control over the sexual marketplace than they actually do. It tricks them into thinking sexual attraction is stimulated by money and that they can outperform their genetics when neither are true. It’s time we all realize there’s no such thing as a “Red Pill” Dating coach. Red Pill is a state of awareness pertaining to the world around you and these content creators seem to only specialize in dating and ‘female nature’ with little regard for anything having to do with economics, politics, religion, and entertainment. Well, they do talk about entertainment but only on the superficial level. I’m not going to be disingenuous and pretend I didn’t gather some useful information at one point in time from them. However, there’s too many content creators trying to get on the “Red Pill” Dating coach train because they think it will make them a quick buck and this shit needs to stop.

Know the difference between Dating Advice and Knowledge of Female Nature, for they are not the same.


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