The Difference Between the Red and Black Pills

Alright guys, this is going to be a long one. Not dissertation long, but still a long one.

Now that the warning’s out of the way, let’s get started.

The biggest difference between the Red and Black pills are the degrees of awareness each entail. The Red Pill is the rabbit hole; the Black pill is the end of the rabbit hole into the abyss. Two completely different states of awareness as it pertains to the world around you.

The Red Pill has five aspects one needs to be aware of, at least on a rudimentary level: Economics, Politics, Religion, Female Nature, and Entertainment. Now, why these five? Simple, because these aspects not only make up the surface society, we live in but also revolve around females in some way, shape, or form.

I’ll break it down individually so everyone can grasp it.

  1. Economics– Women are the number one consumer in society, and, since we live in a consumerist society, industries do everything they can to cater to the female mind and pallet when it comes to things like fashion, food, makeup, clubs, bars, etc. The main thing that caters to women, and is a detriment to every man, are divorce and family courts. This is literally a woman robbing a man of his resources by way of the state through a flaw institution (marriage) so she can go squander it on her most base and primitive desires. Also, this helps fuel the consumerist society as men are smarter and more sound with money than women are and won’t be so likely to spend it on frivolous things. So, society needed a way to transfer money from men to women and that way was the divorce and family courts, which is a billion-dollar industry.
  2. Politics– this is where feminism, the Duluth model, and social justice come into play. Rather than go into each of these individually, let’s talk about the common deception that each of them capitalizes on, that women are oppressed victims and men are evil oppressors. Politicians and lobbyist, mostly democrats and liberals, love to use this victim narrative to gain the female vote to get reelected. Upon reelection, they grant outlandish rights and privileges to women that clearly scream ‘gynocentrism’, and when men stand up to oppose it or someone points it out, we’re called all types of misogynists and oppressors and shamed with phrases like ‘who hurt you?’, ‘what if it were your daughter?’ and the like. And, with the advent of female congressmen and politicians beginning to swarm the political offices and ascending the ranks, you can expect to see more outlandish privileges awarded to women even though they are already the most protected class, second to the elites that pull the strings of course.
  3. Religion– this one is major league bullshit. Religion operates under the pretense of demonizing women, of portraying women as demonic succubae that taint the souls of holy men by getting them to act out their base desires. Christianity, specifically Catholic, is the most accepted and practiced religion in American society, if not, the world, and it is all based upon restriction of human nature which psychologist Carl Jung already figured out will only cause one to plunge deeper into those desires as restriction and resistance to temptation only makes the temptation stronger, not weaker. Religion is also contradictory as there are now women in churches teaching the scriptures when the scriptures state that women shouldn’t be teaching them. And the nature of women is chaos and disorder while the nature of man is order and creation. Now, man can be savage at times but only in extreme circumstances. Women are savage by nature. This doesn’t make women evil, it makes them survivalists, like any animal that lives in this world. In demonizing women, you magnify their allure and sexuality which makes men even easier prey.
  4. Female Nature– I’m not going to bother with a long breakdown of this one as we all know this. Women go off what they see and what a man has when they first look at him. Women like to implement dual mating strategies, monkey branching, bait n’ switch, plausible deniability, etc. We know all the tricks. Th thing about this is that it was never meant to help you with reproduction strategy. It was a preventative measure to protect you from getting fucked over by a woman and her feminine wiles. In no way does female nature give you pussy slaying abilities or turn you into Alpha Thundercock 9000. Female nature and the understanding of it is not dating advice and it was never meant to be. Men have taken this subject matter, which is 20% of the Red Pill equation, and extrapolated it across the board, making it the defining definition of Red Pill, and it’s not. It never has and it never will be.
  5. Entertainment– Cardi B, Megan Tha Stallion, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie (in her prime), and many more are proponents in the oversexualization of women across American society. Rom Coms, Chick Flicks, Romance Novels, Reality T.V., Drama have been the main factors in turning women from feminine, kind and caring to being complete lunatic, Harley Quinn type bitches only an insane man would want in his life. Every movie, T.V. show or series, Novel, and Song is always centered around women, elevating them above men at every turn. Break up and make up songs, love songs, blues, rock, rap and hip hop, you name it and it’s about nothing but how a woman is God, and a man is trash. All the media we listen to for entertainment and pleasure is designed to keep us in touch with our lowest and basest desires, keeping us in a primitive state so we can be controlled and manipulated by the elites. This is how the government keeps its power, how politicians can manipulate the masses, and how central banks keep people in poverty. Give the masses bread and circus and they won’t notice what the people at the top are doing.

That, gentlemen, is the Red Pill. It is more than just women.

Now, on to the Black Pill.

The Black Pill has only three aspects (Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge). That’s it. There is no female nature aspect to the Black Pill. Female Nature and Dating, Relationships, and Family no longer matter because you’re in a different state of awareness. Once you accept reality and come to fully understand how everything you see on the surface is complete and utter bullshit, you don’t invest yourself in it anymore. You completely separate yourself from society and pursue the truth in its entirety as you are completely over the gynocentric lies society’s been feeding you your entire life. You’re indifferent to women, you have no interest in the mundane and banal conversations people engage in at your job or other social events. You become isolated as your state of awareness is simply too high for you to relate to the average person. And therefore, you begin to pursue things of higher meaning.

The transition from the Red Pill to the Black Pill is Nihilism. Nihilism is the stripping of all value judgments down to the bare essentials. When you strip everything down and realize everything you thought mattered in the surface level society you lived in doesn’t matter at all and life has no inherent meaning, now you have to make the choice of whether to be extraordinary and create your meaning or lay down and die.

That’s all there is to it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

On to the three aspects.

  1. Wisdom– This aspect is dependent on your predisposition for an increased state of awareness. Wisdom can be gained, experienced, and found as well as imparted but can never be taught. The most powerful determining factor in one’s make-up as a human being is their experiences. That’s what shapes a man. If a man has the desire for wisdom and pursues it, he will find it. If not, he will remain a fool that analyzes the world through the limited scope of his personal experience. Although it is the most powerful factor, it is still only one factor. Wisdom is everywhere and it is up to you to seek it out.
  2. Understanding– With this aspect comes acceptance and closure. A full grasp of the reality of your situation and the acceptance of it lead not only to understanding but peace of mind and equanimity. Understanding increases your mental fortitude and resilience to the harsh truths you discover as you learn not to hate reality but to love and embrace it. You develop a calmer, more stoic disposition toward society, its inhabitants, and its innerworkings. You even begin to develop a philosophical love for the world and humanity as a whole as you realize separation is an illusion and we are all one. Everything that is within humans, even the most evil and savage parts, is within you as well and we all share a spark of the divine. Working together to improve our state of existence through overcoming pain and suffering. You begin to let go of the hate and resentment within you and empathize even with those who’ve wronged you. This doesn’t mean you’re a pushover though, don’t get the wrong idea.
  3. Knowledge– This is simply the pursuit of the truth. The accumulation and application of information to improve your quality of existence. This is where philosophy, psychology, economics, wealth, prosperity, power, war, peace, martial arts, and any other form of relevant knowledge and skillsets for man come into play. This is where you build yourself into something truly extraordinary. Through trial and tribulation, through the pursuit of manhood, masculinity, and the truth you become something very few achieve but everyone looks at with awe and astonishment. You elevate yourself above the masses not for validation or praise but to live to your full potential as a man and to become one with the universe by becoming one with yourself, flaws and all. Knowledge is power, and if applied correctly, the ultimate power.

Well, hope this explains the difference and presents a more accurate model for the two terms.


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