Black Pilled in the Workplace

After deciding to take the plunge I realized that I couldn’t care less if I tried.

I literally do not give a single fuck.

Yesterday (at the time of this posting), I received a write-up at my job because I ‘gave the manager attitude’ when asked to clean something. Now, I’ll admit I did give attitude but only because she was being annoying and ordering me around as if I were one of the teenagers that work at the job.

I’m a grown man, and will accept no lesser treatment.

All that aside, upon receiving the write-up, I realized something. . . I didn’t care. A couple of months ago, I used to work at a burger spot called Monty’s Good Burger and had received a write-up and a ninety-day probation within three months of working there. Apparently, some employees got a dildo up the ass and didn’t like the way I did my job and complained to management. Me, realizing the firing was coming, decided to do myself and everyone else a favor and leave. I wasn’t going to put up with being treated differently because I’m not some rainbow weirdo.

Now, I’m working at a sandwich place, a small business. So far everything is copacetic with the exception of that little bullshit write-up. But that’s not what I mainly wanted to talk about in this post but a preamble.

What I want to talk about are the reality of being in the workplace you have to accept when you’re black pilled.

That being said, let’s get to it:

  1. You Will NEVER Be Part of the Culture– As someone who is black pilled or black pill aware, you are on a completely different spectrum of thought that everyone around you. No contest. The things you’re interested in and like to talk about are no longer comparable or relatable with the average person. Sure, you may still like music and movies and entertainment, I’m not saying you’re a hermit; however, the depth of analysis you now implement on your surroundings and the lens with which you look at everything through is so radically different that you would sound like a madman if you tried to introduce your way of thinking to the public in any way, shape, or form. Also, you will always be on the outside looking in, as with this state of awareness it is impossible to get wrapped up in pointless conversations with people you wouldn’t hang out with even if you weren’t black pilled in the first place.
  2. Seniority Matters– Nowadays, interviewers for jobs want to give the illusion that seniority doesn’t matter when it obviously does. You want to know what seniority gets you? A pass to do whatever the hell you want! When you’ve been at an establishment long enough and people come to trust you to do your job, they tend to look the other way when you start socializing and taking your breaks in non-designated break areas, chatting with the managers and having smoke sessions in the back, making semi-inappropriate jokes, and you get more license to be who you really are outside work meaning you don’t have to put on the facade as much as others do. So, when interviewers say that ‘it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here’, just know they’re lying through their teeth. Seniority matters.
  3. Coworkers Aren’t Your Friends– This one ties into the first reality but has a clear distinction. The first one is about culture, hierarchy, and dynamics. This one is about peer-to-peer interaction. Just because a person seems cool and copacetic, and you can share inside joke with them, and all that jazz doesn’t make you friends. At any point, someone can use what you said against you and get your ass in a sling with upper management, especially if it’s a female. Females in the workplace are the absolute worst people to try to make friends with. If you do something they don’t like, they’re ready to ruin your life over it because they feel some type of way. They have no tact, no interpersonal skills, suck ass at conflict resolution, and are atrocious when it comes to giving proper closure when having to fire someone. And the men at the workplace are no better, they’re just as much simps and chumps as the females in the workplace are bitches and tramps. Coworkers aren’t your friends.
  4. Same Shit, Different Store– Usually, when a person has a particular problem and it’s the same type of problem, the common denominator is usually them. Like when someone has a string of failed relationships, the problem is usually them because they are the common denominator. This can be the case when dealing with jobs; however, when you see the same ting play out across every job you work, and you keep having to quit because every establishment within a given industry is conducting the same bullshit? The problem, then, isn’t you. . . it’s the industry. No matter where you go, it will be the same shit at some point, and you’ll have to make the choice of staying or leaving. Personally, I’ll just leave because I don’t care about being fired as I’m not attached to any establishment. The first sign of bullshit and I’m out. I will not be controlled and the fact of me having to pay bills doesn’t dictate my internal state of being. I’m not scared of being homeless because I’m not going to lay down and take abuse and mistreatment. I’m a human being and I will be respected; I don’t give a fuck what anyone or anything has to say about it. If it’s same shit, different store. Then I’ll just find a different avenue to make things happen. Simple.
  5. Sometimes, People Don’t Like You– This one shouldn’t be too hard to accept, and it is self-explanatory. Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason as to why people don’t like you at certain establishments. Maybe it’s the way you walk and talk, maybe it’s the way you don’t kiss anyone’s ass, maybe it’s you level of conviction within yourself, maybe it’s because they sense something different about you. Who knows, who cares? Sometimes, people just don’t like you and that’s fine. As long as they leave you the fuck alone and don’t try to start no bullshit, everything is copacetic. No beefs, no drama, no bullshit. Just go to work, do the job, earn the money, and leave. Fuck everything else.

Hope this helps you accept your situation and move on,


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