Red Velvet

Behind the scene most people are hurting
they kill themselves relentlessly behind the curtain
cutting themselves blood the color of red velvet
contemplating life wondering if they were hellbent
on suffering existence, their heartbeat is persistent
going and going it seems the most consistent
they went down the path of least resistance but they
still feel the pain of not having a life mission
trying to be free in a world full of chains
looking at the watch and seeing it's time for change
going to the corner store trying to get some change
so the wino down the street can put them onto some game
life seems like a chorus that repeats, no refrain
trying to orient themselves into the frame but all they
ever experience is being framed in the wrong light
cause they don't have the looks or the game
Trying to get the money up so they succeed annually
going out to clubs and bars so they can handle these
women at their worst to get them at their best but they
best is atrocious and still they want a family
living in a fantasy, thinking the world's Disney
till they get chopped at that knee and this knee
walking out the courtroom with wounded legs and split seams
when they found out the hard way not everything is as it seems.

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