The Reality of Dating, Relationships, And Family

Alright guys, I think it’s time we have a little man-to-man.

There are a couple things we need to get straight about Dating, Relationships, and Family. Especially for those who revolve their entire existence around it.

First, that’s not the best way to live your life. You’re a human being and you only get one of these, it is not wise to spend it chasing something that is ultimately out of your control. This is not me telling you what to do but simply the reality of the matter.

Second, most women are not conducive to relationships in the west. Most don’t even know what a relationship is, nor do they acknowledge men as human beings who have needs and wants. They only want relationships because of the tangible benefits they usually provide. Meaning, most women don’t like men for them but for what they can do for women.

Third, the marriage and divorce laws are so archaic and one-sided in the favor of women that only a complete idiot would get married in this day and age. Besides, why would you even spend your life with someone who has had a whole past you know nothing about, in the sense of past relationships and how many men she’s let enter her? It doesn’t make any sense.

Forth, most women won’t find you attractive especially if you’re just the average guy. That’s just the way it is. Not a knock against you or anything, just saying that most women have a preference for a specific type of guy, and, if you don’t fit that description, she’ll simply use you for everything you’re worth and toss you aside while giving her best to the guy she really wants.

Fifth, accept the fact that you’re not said guy. Women don’t find you desirable. And, finding a woman that isn’t superficial is the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. Literally. It’s negligible at this point to even calculate the chances of finding a virtuous woman let alone actually finding one.

So, here’s five brutal truths you need to accept about Dating, Relationships, and Family.

  1. Money Doesn’t Stimulate Sexual Attraction- Money is the elephant in the room most people don’t like to talk about directly. Most men think that if they have money, then women will find them more desirable because money equals’ provision. Thing is, genuine desire can’t be bought or negotiated. Sure, you can get a woman to have sex with you for money but you can’t make her enjoy it. If she’s not attracted to you, then she’s not attracted to you. Doesn’t matter how big your piggy bank is.
  2. You Can’t Outperform Your Genetics– This one’s a bit on the darker side. Some men are born genetically inferior, which determines how women and society treats them and, more often than not, how their lives play out. If you’re five-foot-five, balding, pot belly, patchy beard, and round, butterface dude, you’re not going to bang Angelina Jolie in her prime. You’re just not. Even if you have billions of dollars at your disposal, some women will find you so repulsive that you can’t trick off enough to get them to have sex with you. If you’re genetically inferior then that’s the hand you were dealt and don’t bother with women. Better to find something you’re good at and focus on living the best life you can, as Dating, Relationships, and Family will make you miserable.
  3. There Are Limits to Self-Improvement– This one has a caveat. When it comes to women, there are limits to how much you can improve. When it comes to life, there are no limits. Genetics only determine how people perceive you and treat you at base level. Genetics has no bearing on your ability to create a better life for yourself. So, yes, self-improvement works as advertised. Provided you don’t center that self-improvement by whether a woman opens her legs. Focus on yourself, grow yourself, reach the maximum potential that your genetics will allow and be content with a life without sex. Abandon pussy and romantic love. Focus on being extraordinary and you will live a happier life.
  4. Sometimes, There’s No Solution to A Problem– Follow the Stoics on this one, particularly Epictetus. Some things are in your control. Some things are not in your control. Your genetics and how you were born, how people perceive you, whether women open their legs for you is NOT within your control. Deciding to self-improve, abandoning the pursuit of Dating, Relationships, and Family, focusing on being extraordinary, removing pussy as the metric of your existence. This IS within your control. Have the wisdom to know the difference and the common sense to stop messing with something you know you have no chance of success at. Move on!
  5. Being Alpha is A Look, Not an Act– Slim fit V-neck, skinny jeans, motorcycle boots, leather jacket, a few accessories, and a decent physique. Oh, and an aesthetically pleasing face with structured yet soft features, being easy on the eyes. A few tattoos wouldn’t hurt either and a Greek God body would really make the ladies go wild. This is the Alpha look that lets people know the person is Alpha. Cool, mysterious, suave, smooth, confident, bold, sexy. All this constitutes the Alpha look. If you can pull this off, genetics included, you’re golden. Anything short of that and you’re a try-hard that everyone can see right through. Being Alpha is a look, not an act. If you’re Henry Cavill, you are considered Alpha. If you’re Michael Cera, you’re considered Beta. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Being Alpha is a LOOK, not an ACT. Get over it. Women go for looks first as looks are the main generator of sexual attraction. Height and Face are the main attributes when it comes to this, the physique is only a bonus.

And there you go, the harsh reality for bit of holiday cheer,


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