The Biggest Joke

The anger in your eyes is something for me to poke
looking as if you're going to do something is the
biggest joke.

The frustration you feel is insignificant
as it is your own fault and your decisions
make the differences.

The grief you feel is only temporary,
your loss is nothing special but quite 

The depression you experience is 
something everyone feels, but, what
makes yours in particular so real?

You sulk and you mope as you try
to cope with the fact your life to 
society is nothing but a joke

You brood and stir in your own
misery and embrace the madness
all to cover up the melancholy which 
eventually leads to sadness

All these emotions and you don't know
what you feel. The world is a blur and 
everything seems surreal. Reality is a bitch
and an ugly one too, so, in this life, there's
only one thing to do. . .

What is it? Well, that's something only you
can choose.

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