Which Battle Are You Going To Fight?

There are two battles in life for every man: the battle of dating, relationships, and family and the battle of being extraordinary.

Most men choose the first battle because of the consumerist agenda of corporations and high-level elites to extract money from men and place it into the hands of women to spend and keep the economy going. The other reason men choose this battle si because of gynocentric conditioning which dictates a man is worthless unless he gets into a relationship, gets married, and has children.

The notion is not only ridiculous but completely false.

Marriage and children have nothing to do with manhood.

Adulthood? Yes. Manhood? No.

There are some men, however, who decide to abandon that consumerist and gynocentric agenda and choose to be extraordinary. The men I’m referring to are not athletes or celebrities of any kind. I’m talking about the men who choose to abandon society and live their lives on their terms, social norms be damned. I’m talking about the men who care not for fame, money, power, and status, and only care about cultivating manhood, masculinity, and pursuing excellence and virtue in their chosen profession. If they come to prominence, so be it. However, notoriety is not why they do what they do, it is not what drives them to achieve greatness, it is not what fuels them to be ever vigilant and ambitious when it comes to achieving their life’s work.

These are the men I’m talking about.

Now, there are athletes that fit this description like Kobe Bryant (R.I.P), Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, etc.

However, I want to take this conversation out of the stars and bring it to earth. To go over how the ordinary man can find the strength of his convictions and get on with his life. For that, I have yet another list of truths you need to accept.

  1. Most Women Won’t Find You Attractive– I’d hate to have to bring it back to women but let’s face it. . . we are all indoctrinated with a gynocentric paradigm. And, as such, we need to constantly deconstruct it as it is constantly being enforced upon us each and every day we inhabit American society. That being said, you must accept the fact you are not Chad or Tyrone. Most women don’t find you sexually attractive. You are nothing special in their eyes. Forget about being a stud. Forget about being a Mac Daddy or a Player. You’re not built that way! The sooner you accept that you will never get as many women as the Bad Boy gets, the sooner you can get on with your life and build something worthwhile for your own sake.
  2. Marriage & Children Don’t Do Shit For Your Legacy– Most people conflate legacy with lineage. Lineage is what marriage and children are for. Legacy, on the other hand, is up to the individual. It is an indelible mark someone leaves on the minds and hearts of the people that know them and people that have never met them. Kobe left a legacy, Jordan has a legacy, Muhammad Ali has a legacy. The thing these individuals have in common is that they filled their own shoes. They put in the hard work. They took the initiative. They put in the hours, the dedication, the discipline, the consistency. Legacy is up to you and you alone, no one can leave it for you.
  3. Society Doesn’t Care About You– As a man, this world doesn’t give a single fuck about you. They’ve given all the fucks to the women and children. Hell, they’ve taken half the fucks they had for children and gave it to the women. You have to make your own way in this world. Take complete ownership of your life and start caring about yourself. Take those fucks you would give to women and children and keep them to yourself. Be ice cold. Be Indifferent. Abandon any notion of love and romance for they do nothing except put you in an early grave. Reject being a simp and a fucking chump for a gynocentric society that applauds your death and degradation.
  4. You Will Die Alone– This one is self-explanatory, but to keep the cynicism going, I had to throw this one in. The only one going in the casket is you. The only ashes being thrown in the river are yours. The only body getting put in the furnace is yours. No one’s going with you. So, might as well live your life with the same energy because when death comes for you, he’s taking you and no one else. At least, not for that moment. Be content with being alone, delight in the solitude, unleash your creative mind and wreak havoc on the world by revealing your true potential as a man.
  5. You’re The Villain– Putting yourself first, leaving toxic situations, having standards, being a virtuous human being, having morals and values, not putting up with dysfunction and chaos, being a paragon of order and structure, having foresight and thinking about second and third order consequence, kissing no one’s ass, failing every shit test you come across, abandoning social norms, being a lone wolf, going your own way, being red pilled, being black pilled, being a monk, refusing the concept of dating, relationships, and family, being an anti-simp, recognizing everything is fucked and there’s nothing that can be done to change it. All of this makes you the villain. So, be the best villain you can be!

Hope this destroys any gynocentric thought patterns forming in your head,


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