A Philosopher’s Mind

My, oh my, how quickly time flies,
Endless hours in a philosopher's mind
from subjects like astronomy to who committed
the most recent crime

Thinking about humanity and the state of existence
pain and suffering make humans so persistent
to death and discomfort the mind is so resistant
fighting the inevitable is truly something to witness

Every day humanity struggles
to ascend from the mud and take the rubble
and build it from nothing toward something
extraordinary, but the universe destroys it 
revealing the fact it is plain and ordinary

Denying reality will only bring you misery
sit back, relax, and enjoy some tea with me
let all your problems go and realize none of 
them matter; and understand chaos isn't an 
endless abyss but a well with a ladder

My, oh my, how time passes by
endless hours in a philosopher's mind
humanity struggles to comprehend while
I realize life is nothing if not truly sublime.

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