You Will Die Alone. . .

This one thought has caused people to do the most ridiculous, heinous, outlandish, and outright insane things in life. Crimes of passion, fatal attraction, stalking, mental breakdowns, abandonment issues, and a slew of other things it would take too long to name.

Being content with the idea of dying alone will free you from all your problems in life. Think about it, the concept of dating, relationships, and family is the single thing everyone, no matter the walk of life, gets hung up on. How do I get this person to like me? How do I get this person’s attention? How do I prevent this person from leaving? How do I impress this person enough to find me interesting?

And don’t get me started on dating coaches and PUA’s. . .

The absolute dumbest thing you could ever portray yourself as. Sure, you can make money off it, but being a porn star would suffice as your job is achieving the end goal most men want on a consistent basis not only for your pleasure but for their viewing pleasure as well.

Now, I’m not condoning pornography. I’m just saying if you want sex, being a porn star is more reliable.

We have men paying 1k for course that tell them to do something they could do on their own with a bit of courage and initiative. They pay 1k for useless tactics and tricks that haven’t been tried and tested through empirical evidence and take another guy’s, who they don’t know from a can of paint, word in pure and absolute faith because of their desperation and biology dictating their decisions in life.

Talk about an all-day sucker.

Being content with dying alone frees you because it absolves you from all social obligations and forms of peer pressure. Dying alone will help you in abandoning the pursuit of pussy, as most men don’t care for the woman attached to it, and finally enable you to live life on your own terms and be true to yourself.

What is the big deal about dying alone? You go into the casket by yourself anyway, and besides, you’re dead. You’ll have other things to worry about than the fact you died by yourself.

Dying alone, living your life alone, will disabuse you of any notion of romantic love and the pursuit of relationships through a rigged dating game. Why expend all your energies for nothing in return? Why go through headaches with people you don’t give a fuck about because society said so? Why take the pains to integrate new people into your life, especially when there’s a high chance, they’re beneath you in caliber of character?

Don’t let that last question fool you, keep your ego in check.

The point is, dying alone is not this horrible thing society would like you to believe it is. The fear of dying alone is like religion. People are needed to subscribe to false beliefs and faith to remain under the control of a cultural paradigm based on consumerism.

In other words, no one gives a fuck if you die alone. Neither should you.

Hope this helps,


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