Surviving The Black Pill

The Black Pill is a state of awareness pertaining to the world around you. This awareness spans from subjects like female nature to politics, religion, mainstream media, financial institutions, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, social dynamics, socioeconomic standing in society, money, power, status, fame, glory, and a slew of other things it would take too much time to name.

When most first take the Black Pill, they go through a state of existential nihilism. This is where they evaluate the state of their existence and discover the source of all the problems they had in life. This is where they discover everything that ever happened to them was their fault and is their responsibility to fix. This is where they also realize that life has no inherit meaning and that we’re all animals pretending to be a higher form of being. In the sense that most humans are ruled by base desires and operate from a primitive level, letting their biology dictate how they move through reality and subconsciously falling into different emotions which cloud their thinking, particularly when it comes to dating, relationships, and family.

After they discover this, they come to a fork in the matrix. Active nihilism vs. Passive nihilism. Now, the two concepts are self-explanatory: however, I’ll give you the definitions, so the distinction is clear.

Active Nihilism- Nihilism seen as a continuous process, meaning one strips the outlook on life of all values, and then create new values out of the void, thus turning nihilism into a form of mental weapon, that one can use to examine different interpretations of reality.

Passive Nihilism- Nihilism seen as an end in itself, meaning one strips the outlook on life to reject all established morals, values, and truths, thus finding oneself in a void of emptiness where nothing is real, and thus nothing is worth doing.

Definitions and information on Nihilism can be found here

Some men choose the road of passive nihilism, and to those men I bid you adieu as it, typically, leads to a very dark place with suicide at the end of it. Every man has the right to make his own choice, and if he chooses to end his life then so be it.

To those that choose the road of active nihilism, we have a lot to talk about. Stripping everything of all value, eliminating value judgments, and starting from scratch is actually the easy part. The hard work begins in establishing new values and placing them at the center of your identity thus charting a new state of existence.

This is where shadow work comes into play.

Now, what is shadow work?

Glad you asked!

It is a form of self-examination. Shadow work is an introspective psychological practice that anyone can do and can lead to a more fulfilling life. When working with the shadow, you may have moments of awakening that lead to greater authenticity, creativity, and emotional freedom.

Definition and information on Shadow Work can be found here

After stripping everything that is external of value judgments, you must now do the same to yourself. To do that, you must battle the demons of your past by going to where they reside and bringing them to light. This is where you’re going to be alone for a while; no friends, no family, just you and the universe.

This is where you begin to disabuse yourself of gynocentric programming, biological domination, and base, animal level thinking. This is where you look to philosophy, psychology and spirituality to gain a better understanding of yourself as a human being and the nature of existence and reality. Without this understanding, you have no way of operating through life in a successful manner. You must study these subjects as they relate to the individual so you can understand why you were lied to and why the majority of people will never wake up. You must come to full grip of the fact you will be the only one with access to this type of awareness in any social situation. You will be outcasted, rejects, and unacceptable to the rest of civilized society.

You will be going solo. Get comfortable with your own company and establish values for yourself. If you don’t, your old, gynocentric ways of thinking will destroy you.

What are some ways to engage in shadow work?






Studying Philosophy, Psychology, and Spirituality.

Consuming Red Pill and Black Pill knowledge.

You get the point. So, get to work.

Surviving the Black Pill abyss will be incredibly difficult as when you gaze into the abyss it gazes into you. You will take on a darker disposition and lose the desire to be around others. You won’t be able to relate to those who used to be your friends and family. They will all be beneath you in terms of awareness, understanding of reality, and emotional development. Part of the Black Pill is about mastery of the self, accepting reality, transcending trivial things like dating, relationships, and family, and moving on to new frontiers within your own mind and mastering your own life.

The pressure of the abyss increases with the knowledge you gain. This is why you must train your mind ruthlessly to be more resilient, hard, cold, calculated, and unforgiving. You must train your body relentlessly to be able to execute tasks and defend yourself in any and every situation. As you go through the abyss, the strength of your convictions will be tested again and again. There will be new mental and psychological challenges as awakening and fully accepting the truth is a lifelong process.

It never ends.

It only ends when you do.

So, do your shadow work. Choose active nihilism. Study philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Strip away all superficialities from your life. Strip away all value judgments and become the monster society wanted you to be.

Oh, did you think this was all strawberries and roses?

No, you will become the villain. People will look at you differently. People will avoid you. However, at this point in time, they’re doing you a favor anyway.

Hope this destroys any illusions about the Black Pill and what it is,


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