Fuck It, Be The Villain

This post is going to be blunt and to the point. Of course, I’ll be my usual self; however, I’m getting tired to this bullshit society, so I’m going to get straight to it and reveal the heart of the problem. Particularly, when it comes to dating, relationships, and family.

The main problem is that people lie and manipulate from the verry beginning but expect truth and transparency from the other person. They want the other person to be everything they are not, meaning they want someone extraordinary to bring excitement to their otherwise boring lives.

At least, on the female side of things.

On the male side, pussy is the defining metric of existence. The reason a man gets his own place, works a corporate job, buys a nice car, wears nice clothes, hangs around certain people, talks about certain things (typically of no substance) and pretty much everything else is for the attention, validation, and sexual exploitation of women.

In other words, pussy is life.

Both sides of the spectrum have their problems; however, I’m going to focus on the male side since I’m male and have no concern for what is happening on the female side. Not because I’m a dick but because women are going to do what they want to do and there’s nothing anyone can do or say to change it, along with the fact I, particularly, don’t give enough fucks to try to reason with a creature as unreasonable as most women.

The only real advice that will help men live better lives across the board is to eliminate the need to get pussy all the time. Look, I get it, it’s in biology and biology is a powerful and deceptive force within men. In fact, it’s man’s greatest gift and curse in the same breath. A gift because of people like Nikola Tesla, Alexander The Great, Marcus Aurelius, Shakespeare, etc. A curse because of people like Chad, Tyrone, Pookie, and Ray Ray.

Well, you get the point.

When it comes to dating, relationships, and family you must remove pussy from the center of your existence. Look, let’s not cap. You don’t give a fuck about women; you care about pussy. Now, you may like women, you may want to be around women, you may enjoy a woman’s company, you may want companionship.

However, when you first meet the motherfucker, you’re trying to get laid and nothing else.

If you want to date, if you want to be in relationships, if you want to have a family. You cannot go about it trying to get ass like a Chad. You have to eliminate pussy from the center of your life so you can think straight and make logical, rational decisions about the best mate for you.

You can’t do that if you’re thinking with your dick.

In fact, it is because of your dick that you have all these relationship problems. It’s because of your dick you’re a simp. It’s because of your dick you engage in stupid shit to impress women. It’s because of your dick you have nothing better to than talk to bitches about nothing all day.

You’re a chump and women can smell it from a mile off.

So, how do you solve this?

Well, it’s simple. Get a fucking life.

What do I mean? Stop thinking about pussy all the time. Stop watching porn. Stop listening to sappy love songs. Start working out. Start thinking about yourself and what you want from life. Develop discipline. Practice saying the word ‘no’ and establishing boundaries.

Especially that last one.

If you take anything from this post, it better be establishing boundaries.

Why? Because your boundaries will do the most vetting. It will run off the losers that have to get their way all the time. It will scare off the childish women that can’t take the word ‘no’. It will save you the time, money, effort, and trouble of dealing with psycho bitches.

Boundaries are the most important thing you can have in every aspect of life. They prevent people from taking advantage of you and treating you like shit.

Also, learn how to tell the truth regardless of what someone thinks of you. That will do a lot of work in vetting women out as well.

Look, most women aren’t honest, nor do they have boundaries. Most women lie and manipulate from the gate. Most women have skeletons in the closest you don’t want or need to deal with. Most women meet you and interact with you from a disingenuous standpoint.

This is just how the world is, accept it.

When you do these two things, you’ll become the villain in most women’s eyes as putting their feet to the fire and holding them accountable for their choices is akin to abuse.

Which is why I say fuck it, be the villain.

Put yourself first. Improve your life and don’t worry about anyone else’s. Mind your business. Get off your ass and start putting in the work. Begin to stop complaining about circumstances and take more action.

This isn’t deep, philosophical shit. This is basic GED, high school shit.

Put yourself first. Accept the world for the way it is and not the way you wish it to be. Live the life you want to live on your own terms. Stop placing pussy at the center of everything you do and watch your life improve.

Hope this helps,


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