Into The Abyss

In choosing to walk away from the concept of relationships and family, I think it’s time that I return to my roots into the abyss of the Black Pill.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m returning to nihilism and hopelessness; no, it simply means I’m choosing to live an extraordinary life by leveraging the adverse and difficult truths the Black Pill presents to my advantage. To callous not only my body but my mind as well. To train in the same way Spartan’s used to in terms of making pain my friend and most trusted ally, to bathe in the cold, black, and still waters of the Black Pill abyss and revel in it.

Now, the first order of business is to reintroduce a couple truths most have forgotten. Yeah, I know, life gets in the way and sometimes we get wrapped up and forget that ultimately, none of this shit matters. But that’s why you have content creators like me, to give you a swift kick in the ass to return you to your senses and reorient your perspective.

That being said, let’s get started.

  1. Dating & Relationships Are Pointless– I’m starting off a little light with this one, as I like to take my time sinking into the darkness. The modern woman isn’t conducive to a relationship. The amount of work and bullshit is not worth it, they’re loud, combative, uncooperative, disagreeable, fat, ugly, smell like fish and ass crack, and overall disgusting creatures to be around. Not only do you have to babysit but you also have to civilize, handle, domesticate, and clean these savages. Look, it would be better to get a dog as it would be less work to train; better yet, get a cat and the fucker will clean itself. As for the sex aspect, come on. We have wiafu’s pocket pussies, compartmentalized parts you can play with which eliminate the uselessness that is the modern woman. If you heard anything of my last post, the dating market is not a market. It’s a club and 80% of men are stopped at the door. Why try to get into a place you’re not invited into? Why go where you’re not wanted? Let the simps and chumps wrestle with that question while they let the women they’re dealing with fuck them in the asses with a strap-on.
  2. Covid-19 Is A War Strategy– Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that a disease that’s about as effective at killing you as a mild cold shouldn’t be getting as much coverage or treated with such urgency as Covid is getting? Did it ever cross anyone’s mind to ask why the government is trying to corner people into taking something that’s about as threatening as an angry kitten scratching you? Did it every cross anyone’s mind that the information regarding the vaccine states that it is virtually no different than remaining unvaccinated as the risk of spreading Covid is the same regardless of vaccination status, which would lead to the question of why the government is trying to corner people into taking it? Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that a disease that has a 90% survival rate, provided you’re under 30, isn’t something to be concerned about? The reason for all these questions is to get it into your mind that your safety is the absolute last thing the government cares about. The government has never and will never give a fuck about you. If you’re a man, you should know this better than the back of your scrotum, which is literally what the government equates your entire existence with. Just think of the name Covid-19. Sounds like a military operation rather than a disease. HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Malaria, Ebola, SARS, Swine Flu, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, etc. Those are diseases and the government has long figured out the cure for them. How is that? Because the government manufactured them. Come on people, I would hope that one cursory listen to the media pundits on the news with regard to the vaccine reveals in high definition the joke Covid-19 really is.
  3. Pussy Is Not The Metric Of Existence– We as men have built civilization after civilization. We have conquered new frontiers time and again. We have demonstrated the capacity to be extraordinary, to accomplish feats greater than ourselves and to immortalize our names by leaving legacies that impact the world in positive, and sometimes negative, ways. When are we going to get it through our fucking heads that pussy is not the defining factor of a good life. As men, we are perfectly content with living alone in peace and harmony with nature, which is our natural state. The men of old knew this and treated women with a healthy contempt as they were also aware that women have brought about the fall of more kings than can be recounted. Many men have lamented the loss of their peaceful existence by getting involved with women for the prospect of pussy and companionship. Many heroes, drifters, criminals, social rejects, villains, vagabonds, vigilantes have lost their lives and lost sight of their goals and greatest dreams for the sake of women for nothing in return but a broken heart and a ruined life. Because they decided to chase pussy and companionship, because they fell for the trap of romantic love, because they sacrificed themselves as a condition for love and made pussy the defining metric of their existence, they lost themselves never to be found. Get it through your skull that pussy isn’t the metric of existence, and you can live your life just fine without sex. Who gives a fuck if you’re a virgin? Who gives a fuck if you’re an incel? Live your life the way you want to live it and stop being so concerned about pussy.
  4. You Ain’t Special, Buddy– The world don’t give a fuck about you. Society don’t give a fuck about you. Your friends don’t give a fuck about you. Your family don’t give a fuck about you. Your father don’t give a fuck about you. Your mother don’t give a fuck about you. Your coworkers don’t give a fuck about you. Your neighbors don’t give a fuck about you. Your cat don’t give a fuck about you. Your dog? . . . might give a fuck about you. Your girlfriend don’t give a fuck about you. The hoes you’re fucking don’t give a fuck about you. The universe don’t give a fuck about you. Mother nature don’t give a fuck about you. Father time don’t give a fuck about you. The four seasons don’t give a fuck about you. The sun don’t give a fuck about you. The Moon don’t give a fuck about you. The stars don’t give a fuck about you. The stoplight on the way to work don’t give a fuck about you. The government don’t give a fuck about you. Politicians don’t give a fuck about you. Doctors don’t give a fuck about you. Big Corporations don’t give a fuck about you. And, to an extent, you don’t even give a fuck about you. The point is you ain’t special buddy, get over it. Go on about your life and live it the best way you can knowing you’re not obligated to anything I listed above and enjoy the one thing that’s easy to attain no matter your circumstances. . . peace.
  5. You Get ONE Life, Make It Count– Stop chasing pussy and companionship. Stop looking for approval. Stop trying to make friends, you have none. Stop trying to join groups, they don’t want you. Stop trying to be a part of something, you’re alone in this world. There is no one like you around you and you need to be content with that. You will very likely spend your life alone and you need to be content with that. Stop trying to reach out, no one’s there. Stop looking for someone to save you, no one will. This is a cold, cruel, and unforgiving world and unless you develop the necessary hardness, life will be very difficult and miserable. You get one of these motherfuckers and you need to make it count. Once the reaper comes for your ass there’s no negotiating. Your time’s up and he’s taking you to the spirit world. Keep your death in mind for it may come sooner than you think and let that inform your decisions about what you do in this life. Secure a profitable future so when death comes, you can smirk at the bastard and walk with conviction into the next realm. This world is shit and we can only hope for something better in the next state of existence. Meanwhile, spend every waking moment trying to make this one the best you can make it. You’ll cross death’s bridge when you come to it.

Now, most of these truths were on the lighter side of things. Like I said, I like to take my time while going back into the abyss. The point of all this is to develop the necessary skills to thrive and flourish in a world that does everything to prevent you from doing so. To leverage the darkest and most gut-wrenching truths to your advantage and to carve something extraordinary out of a beyond shitty situation.

Hope this destroys any fantasies running around in your head,


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