MGTOW Is Not A Movement, It’s A Philosophy

With the way things are in this day and age, it’s really getting annoying to have to explain the difference between a movement and a philosophy. There are many people who believe that MGTOW is just a bunch of guys who couldn’t get pussy to save their lives, so they decided to ‘Go Their Own Way’ as a result.

If you actually believe that simplistic, idiotic, and lazy analysis. . . then you don’t understand MGTOW, and it would be pointless to explain it.

Now, in this post, I’m going to explain it for the people who genuinely don’t know what MGTOW is in its essence and the truth behind the philosophy. For those who follow the lazy analysis of ‘MGTOW’s can’t get laid’, allow me to explain the implications of your statement.

When you say, ‘you’re just mad because you can’t get laid’, you’re defining your entire life by getting pussy. The defining metric, the greatest measuring stick of your entire existence is getting pussy. It doesn’t take a philosophical analysis to recognize how base and reptilian that mode of thinking is; in fact, it’s not thinking at all but being led by your dick.

People that equate MGTOW with Feminism or other forms of utilitarian concepts fail to understand the world we live in. We all know the game is rigged, let’s not cap here. However, what most don’t understand is that the ‘dating market’ is not a market anymore. . .

It’s a club.

And 80% of men are stopped at the door.

Which leads me to game.

Now, game is something that was invented by PUA’s to level the playing field when it comes to women. It’s mode of manipulation and deception that operates on the worst aspects of a woman’s character and tends to work on low-quality females. Game depends on attraction tips and tactics that superficially elevate the value of a male in a female’s eyes long enough for said male to get said female into bed with him.

At least, that’s what it is on the individual level.

On the collective level, the ‘dating game’ is where a man courts a woman for the least amount of time before getting her into bed, minimizing his expenditure of resources, time, attention, and entertaining her bullshit. On the female side, they want to draw out this courting process by withholding sex to extract as much time, attention, energy, and money from a man that they can without giving anything in return hence the phrase, ‘all take, no give’.

Now, let’s talk about ‘game’ for a second. . .

What is a game? A game is any activity people do for pleasure or leisure. A game has rules that each party has to follow, and it provides a level playing field, giving each party an equal chance at winning. The only difference being each party’s experience in said game. A game is usually based on mathematical principles and can be won or lost based in probability; however, if one has experience in a game, they can intuit what they need to do to win better than the one that simply follows the rules. The intuitive one discovers tricks of the trade that are legal, and sometimes illegal, that give them the advantage. But all in all, a game is typically fair to a degree.

Now, given what I’ve described, does the ‘dating market’ sound like it gives each party an equal chance at winning?

I’ll let you answer that for yourself.

And for those who simply say, ‘man up’ or ‘just deal with it’ or ‘fuck that, you gotta go out there and make shit happen! Don’t matter if it’s fair, be a man and boss the fuck up!’ I have no words for you as they would be wasted.

Which leads me to what MGTOW truly is. . .

MGTOW is a philosophy that men of all walks of life share, it is a way of living. It’s not a group, movement, organization; hell, it’s not even a community in the truest sense of the word. Now, people form groups and reddits and communities and tribes based on the philosophy, but MGTOW itself is not those groups or communities. It’s an ethereal concept that sprang into existence as a reaction to a society that has shown time and again that men are expendable, and it doesn’t give a fuck.

And men are tired of it.

This isn’t about getting laid and seeking the validation of females. Sure, every group has its people that are bitter, insecure, angry and resentful that life didn’t go the way they wanted it and so they bitch, moan, and complain about it. I’m not denying that at all. But to define and entire philosophy based on the worst aspects of it is feminist thinking with regards to men, and most modern female’s thinking as well.

And again, those who chalk MGTOW up to guys who can’t get laid are not only wrong philosophically, but literally wrong as well. There are plenty of MGTOW men that have had success with women and still have success with women. There are plenty of MGTOW men that have had success with women and came to the conclusion pussy wasn’t worth the shit they had to go through to get it. There are plenty of MGTOW men that have been married (no children) and have gone through a life altering divorce. There are plenty of MGTOW men that have had nothing but horrible experiences with women with little to no reward.

I’ll say this only once: When you search MGTOW on youtube, look for people like Sandman, Turd Flinging Monkey, Shadowmonk6ft4, Blackwolf MGTOW, J.M.O 1000, VentionMGTOW, MGTOW Lion, MikeThaMGTOWMan, Think Before You Sleep, amongst many others.

Anyone outside of those guys, with few exceptions, is either Red Pill, SYSBM, or part of some other variation of the Red Pill Venue on the web.

Try talking to actual MGTOW’s before making a lazy analysis like ‘MGTOW’s can’t get laid’. Because MGTOW’s most likely get laid more than you.

They’ve just seen the bullshit and realized it’s not worth it.

Pussy is not the defining metric of existence, and until men come to understand that you’ll keep getting this ‘MGTOW’s can’t get laid’ bullshit. Focus on living the life you want to live and relegate women to the weekends like when your cousins used to come over as a kid and call it a day.

Hope this clears things up,


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