Black and Grey

Another boring verse that seemed
inspiring at first, another boring day
that started with radiant sun rays,
another boring tale told by a friend
that hasn't seen beyond the veil,
another death in the news and 
all that's left is for the coffin to be

Another black night where the stars
hide, another group of trees that have
grown but failed to touch the sky,
another row of cars parked in convenient
spots for people to go to work the next day,
another day has passed in a town of black
and grey

Another morning with steel grey clouds,
another beep from the alarm clock; God! I hate
that sound; another thirty minutes in the shower
contemplating existence as my body keeps on 
trucking with uncanny persistence; another fifteen
minutes in front of the T.V., watching the news
wondering if they ever see what we see; another eight minutes
washing the dishes after breakfast is finished heading
toward another hourly commute to a place where I feel
like my life is finished.

Another drive where grey covers the sky and 
rain begins to fall and the universe and I share
a cry; although it be for different reasons, the strife 
that's going on inside refuses to go away as all
my life I've seen only black and grey

Another day I have to put on a mask
another day I have to watch time slowly pass
another day where the life in me withers away
another day in the town of black and grey.

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