The Path Of Conviction

After you realize how fucked up this world really is, after you accept that there are some things you were never meant for, after you accept that you’re not like the masses and that you are a unique individual, what’s next?

Well, the only thing is to walk the Path Of Conviction.

Now, what is the Path Of Conviction? Well, it goes by different names such as The Way, The Path, The Middle Way/Path, Pursuit of Virtue, etc. However, I call it the Path Of Conviction.

Why Conviction?

Because I have decided to dedicate myself to achieving a state of being that maintains perfect equanimity and peace of mind regardless of circumstance. A state of being that isn’t influenced by fluctuations in life, a state of absolute certainty in oneself and their ability to cultivate the life they want to live regardless of what stands in their way.

That is why I call it The Path Of Conviction.

Now, this path is different for everyone as each man has his own story. His own brand of gynocentric, feminist, and social justice warrior bullshit that made its way into his life and turned it upside down.

Some might want to be millionaires, even billionaires. Some might want a simple and peaceful life. Some might want a family and children. Some might want to be writers or artists. Some might want to preserve a tradition and bring pride and strength to their tribe. Some might want to walk alone and enjoy absilute freedom.

The path is different for everyone.

Personally, I want to be a Super Saiyan God.

For all the anime heads out there, you know what I mean.

Personally, I find peace when I train. I achieve a state of focus and willpower not normally at play during the day. A state of absolute certainty (even when I question my endurance or my mind turns against me) in my ability to see something through to the finish each and every day. The grit. The heart. The passion. The determination. The discipline. The consistency. The difficulty. All of it brings me closer to a state of masculinity that resembles the men of old and to cultivating the strength of my convictions.

And I want that feeling to be achieved by all men.

The thing is, in life you must make a choice. We humans are designed to achieve immeasurable results when we put our all into one, maybe two, things. Whenever we try to multitask or cultivate many talents, our quality and passion for each of them is divided and disconnects us from being whole.

When we put our all into something. When we make the choice that scares us the most and abandon any concept of Plan B. When we decide to put our all into something and take the ultimate risk, that is where our true potential comes to the fore and the strength of our convictions is truly tested.

When you want something more than anything in this world. When you are willing to fight to the death for it. When you resolve to strive for it is absolute. When you’ve made up your fucking mind that this is what you will accomplish no matter what, is when your vibration rises and you feel a surge of power course through your being.

When you are willing to sacrifice everything to the fire of your chosen path, that is how you know you’re on your path Of Conviction.

Doesn’t matter what that path is. All that matters is that it is yours and that it is meant for you, no one else.

We as men have lost that spirit, that fight, that hunger, that grit, that made us who we were. We lost our symbol of masculinity, our principles and personal codes of manhood. We’ve lost the spine and balls to go out and take what is ours in life as a collective and it is time that we reclaim them.

Every man is pulled between two paths in life, one in fantasy and one in reality. While I urge men to choose reality, some are actually meant for the fantasy; how else would the fantasy maintain its deadly allure? However, if you’re reading this post, you’re most likely not meant for the former.

So, now that you realize that Disney fairytale is just that, a fairytale, I’ll tell you how to deal with reality and it’s super simple.

Accept it.

Let go of the fantasy completely and disabuse yourself of any notion of romance, love at first sight, ladies first, women and children first, be a real man, do what’s right, and all that other chivalric bullshit society’s been shoving down your throat since the day you were born.

Realize that your path is dark, arduous, and difficult. Realize that for you life is a battlefield and for women its a playground. Realize that you have to take what you want; you have to work, fight, grind, scrape, and be willing to die for what you want. You have to be ready for war if you want peace, you have to be a man of steel if you want peace of mind and equanimity. Not out of selfishness or hurt but out of necessity.

Understand the nature of existence is pain and suffering as mechanisms for improvement, and leverage those to your advantage to grow yourself into the man you are destined to become. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways out, no alternate path that allows you to get what you want without it costing you anything.

This game has a price, doesn’t matter if it’s being sold.

What is the price? Whatever you’re willing to give.

What are the rewards? Depends on what you’re willing to give.

What’s the incentive? Absolute freedom.

What’s the alternative? Enslavement.

The man that chooses the fantasy remains asleep. Perhaps to his benefit but more likely to his detriment. The man who chooses reality and embarks on the path of his convictions awakens, goes through hardships, endures some suffering and some pain, experiences transitions that reveal his deficiencies and forces him to improve, his resolve is tested by trial and tribulation and ultimately, if he doesn’t quit, will live a life better and more meaningful than any fantasy one can imagine.

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