The Main Reason For MGTOW

Realizing you were sold a fantasy you could never have is a painful and harsh reality in and of itself. Living a life thinking something is wrong with you because you are not fulfilling the universal destiny society has conditioned you to believe in is even more painful. Having your own flesh and blood, your own “family”, look at you as an outcast, as weird, as a nonexistent and defective being that brings shame the honorable family name is, you guessed it, even more painful.

Having a part of yourself that wants to be kind, altruistic, loving, and to form deep and lasting connections. A part of you that wants to have a relationship, to have a family, to have children and to cultivate an abundant household. And realizing that part of you never truly existed.

Being conditioned with a false paradigm that forces you to live a life antithetical to who you really are, struggling with this false paradigm in the face of the truth, realizing you’ve been lied to your entire life, and now having to unlearn all the conditioning along with figuring out the reason you were always an outcast, you always had trouble making friends, people were cool with you one day and hated you the next, girls gave you all types of attitude, feeling out of place in an environment where you’re supposed to fit in.

All these issues, all these things going wrong in your life which you have no concept for but are supposed to bear the responsibility for even as a teenage boy. Before you even come of age you’re being treated like a man and guess what? Men are expendable, men ain’t shit, men are evil, men are bad, men are deadbeat fathers, men abandon their children, men abuse women, men lie, men cheat, niggas ain’t shit, fuck the patriarchy, female empowerment, body positivity, social justice, #metoo, and a litany of other deprecating bullshit to make you feel ashamed for what you were born as. . . a man.

Having to confront all this long before you’re ready, having to grow up quickly and develop the mental, stoical fortitude to deal with this shit or lose your sanity, even your life, is something almost every man has to go through.

Realizing you’ll never have that fairytale relationship, realizing you’ll never have that special someone, realizing there is no ride off into the sunset, that there is no such thing as a happy ending, that reality is cold, cruel, and unforgiving. That, as a man, you’re a success object and nothing more. Acquire enough resources and you become a target for extraction and exploitation. That everything is conditional when it comes to you; the world is a negotiation table and there will be no sympathy if you negotiate broke.

And you want to know the most fucked up and backwards part of it all?

When you finally, painstakingly, decide to abandon the fantasy and fully embrace reality. When you finally decide to walk the path of your convictions and embark on your hero’s journey, when you finally become strong enough to stand on your own two and self-sufficient enough to fulfill your own needs. When you kill that part of yourself that looks for something external to love and start looking inward, and your life improves one hundredfold, now people want to come into your life, now people want you to be kind, loving, and altruistic, now people want to have relationships with you, now suddenly everyone likes you and wants to be by your side.

And when you see this backwards shit unfold in front of your eyes, when you see just how cruel of a joke the universe played on you and how the fates laugh right in your face. You only have one question. . .

Where was all this when I wanted it?

And that, my friends, is the main reason for MGTOW. Men being ripped away from a fantasy and exposed to the reality that dictates your only option for a fulfilling life is to be extraordinary and everything else be damned or you die.

A reality that dictates that men are success objects and nothing more.

A reality that doesn’t operate on love but leverage, power struggles, and fucked up social dynamics.

A reality that resembles a barren wasteland and you, as a man, have to take that bullshit and turn it into something worthwhile.

A reality that says you have to go to war if you want peace.

So, what does one do in the face of all this? Well, there’s really only one option and one option only. . .

Be extraordinary, everything else be damned.

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