The Musings Of A Madman

This post is from a video I did a while back on my youtube channel, enjoy!

It is time I consider the direction this blog is going to take moving forward as I have come to a plateau. There is so much wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to obtain and so little time that it often becomes discouraging when in pursuit of these three concepts. Now, don’t get me wrong, talks about the Black Pill, Female Nature, and Manosphere rhetoric are fun and going in on women from time to time can be entertaining (as it is our favorite pastime); however, the Red Pill/Black Pill consists of so much more than just Female Nature. Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Dynamics, Logic, Game Theory, Quantum Physics and so many more subject can be covered with this state of awareness we have in the Red Pill.

            I’ve been considering this for some time (aside from the fact I’m running out of steam) that it is overdue that I add some dimensions to my blog and the subjects I speak about. From this point forward, I will be expanding my pursuit of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge as far as the eye can see (and the brain can comprehend) to explore and discover what it means to be a man and what is man’s place in the universe. I will be pursuing and working to discover any and every means that we as men can use to become truly extraordinary. Now, I understand that not every man will want to reach the pinnacle of existence and dig deep into the nature of reality. Some will for the entertainment aspect, others for the philosophical aspect. And, speaking of philosophy, my specialty will be Stoicism. Why? Simply because it is the most practical and can be applied to life almost immediately after it is discovered by individuals. My goal is to help men live the most extraordinary lives they can, of their own accord, of course.

            What does it mean to be extraordinary? What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to embody the principles of manhood & masculinity, especially in a gynocentric society? Well, the answer would simply be to go against gynocentrism and to hell with the consequences. However, that would be too simplistic. No, we men are smarter than that. Much smarter. In this society, the very virtue of being male is considered a crime and it is up to us to move and navigate the way we want, and ought, to move, as MEN! But how does a man move in a society that hates the very fact he is a man? How does a man navigate in a world that seems to loathe his very existence? Understand that for all the B.S. women and feminists and social justice warriors may talk about MGTOW, Red Pill, and Black Pill men, they still need us and desperately so.

            This society seeks to make women untarnished angels and men irredeemable villains. Alright, if that’s how they want to play the game then let’s play. And, let me go on about villains for a moment, shall I? See, the concept of hero vs. villain is just that, a concept. Good and Evil, Right and Wrong fundamentally don’t exist. The forces of nature don’t operate on such assumptions as the nature of this world is competition and power dynamics.

The villain and the hero are no different, just two opposing forces competing for power to shape the world into their image, nothing more. Look at all the hero vs. villain movies and you will see what I mean. There’s always a part where the hero proclaims to be nothing like the villain and the villain proclaims that he and the hero are one and the same. And why do you think the villain always (and I do mean ALWAYS) has a brilliant speech? Because the villain is more in tune with reality than the hero. The hero operates on often naïve and incorrect assumptions about reality and typically has no experience within the real world while the villain is often exposed, rather early in life, to how the world really works and the nature of reality itself.

Now, reality is counterintuitive and nonlinear and is sometimes random and other times calculated. Again, nature doesn’t operate on the concept of fairness and morals and integrity and congruency with intuitive human thought; however, just because nature seems random and disorderly, doesn’t mean there is no order. Alas, there is a precise order to nature. Just look to science to verify that fact. The problem that science is trying to solve is understanding nature itself, why things are the way they are and how, if possible, they can either replicate it or improve it to maintain more control and power over reality itself. However, science will never get to that point as nature has existed long before man and will exist long after man goes extinct (if man goes extinct).

            Alright, enough rambling for the moment, on with the changing nature of this channel. From this point forth, we will be delving deep into the nature of the world we live in and using the acquired wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to better navigate and improve out lives. No topic will be off limits whether it be money, sex, power, relationships, dating, business, politics & govt, consumerism, religion, spirituality, philosophy, you name it and I’ll talk about it (presuming I have interest in the subject). And it is time more content creators start expanding their knowledge of different topic that span over a wider range. We all understand female nature thoroughly enough to not get screwed over and there is enough knowledge out there on the subject for younger men to pick up and absorb. Now, I’m not saying we simply forget about female nature.

Na, not in a million years.

However, what I am saying is that we change the standpoint from which we look at female nature. Sure, the purpose of most men’s lives is to have one woman and start a family. Nothing wrong with that; however, we must understand that something like that is damn near impossible in America today. Unless. . . men begin to reprioritize. Now, what do I mean by that? I mean place female nature on the bottom of the list in terms of what we talk about in the Manosphere. Now, there are some content creators already doing this and salute them. But unless we begin to place the whole subject of female nature lower on the list and begin to focus more on being extraordinary men (whatever that entails for you) we will always be nothing more than an echo chamber.

            Now, how to go about reprioritizing within the Manosphere? I mean, men are going to talk about whatever the hell they want. We already have society trying to police and censor us and suppress the truth and now you propose that we simply stop talking about it?! Uh, no. That’s not what I’m proposing at all. I’m not saying to STOP talking about female nature, I’m saying to make it less of a concern. Now, it is good to know what is happening around the world and to gain an understanding as to how feminism is ruining everything, leading society to an epic and crushing fall, making men more feminine which, in turn, makes the U.S. easier to conquer as a country.

Trust me, I get the implications of what I’m suggesting.

But hear me out, if we as men begin to reprioritize and place female nature on the bottom end of our list of concerns and begin to focus more on the larger picture; mainly, ensuring our survival when society eventually collapses and rebuilding the pieces after the fall (if we all live that long), meaning, if we go about getting things done, improving ourselves for ourselves and not the sake of women (or others for that matter), icing women out (unless we want to have sex) and showing them they have no real estate in our minds and hearts, not only will that hurt them deeply but will cause them to expose themselves even more which will hasten their inevitable demise.

            I know, I know, that sounds harsh (does it, really?) but we must start to move away from carnal pleasures and simple desire and trans-mutate our energies toward a higher purpose. To add some dimension in our lives, to understand life is more than just pussy and procreation. Now, don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with wanting a family. It is a natural inclination, and no man should be denied that right to pursue whatever makes him happy. Just understand you’ll have to operate like a marine to get what you want if that is what you want.

            Alright, alright, you’ve rambled on long enough. First you went into how you’re changing your channel, then you went into women, then philosophy, then reality and existence, and reprioritizing what we talk about, what’s the point of all this? What’s the logic behind it all? The logic is simply this: unless we move on from female nature, we will always be stuck in an echo chamber. Unless we teach men skills, valuable skills that will help them in life, philosophies and concepts that will improve their mental health to prepare them for adversity and develop a sense of equanimity in a world that aims to stress them into an early grave, we will remain in the same place and that place is limbo.

Some men have moved on and become monk.

Some men have already left the Manosphere due to its toxicity.

Some men have become PUA’s to try to co-op the Red Pill to live a Blue Pill lifestyle.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the variety is appreciated; however, it all sounds like the same shit, and we need something different. Creators like Turd Flinging Monkey shouldn’t be the only one talking about geopolitics and govt (and I’m sure he isn’t, but seriously, we need more creators on subjects like these). Now, by no means am I telling men to take up subjects they have no interest in. I’m simply proposing that we add some dimensions to our channels (now, if you specialize in female nature, that’s cool. I have no problem with that) and tap into the wells of knowledge we possess OUTSIDE of women. At this point, we’re just shooting the shit when it comes to these broads, anyway.

            Now, this may sound like shaming language but it’s not. I didn’t say STOP talking about female nature and exposing these women for what they are. I’m simply saying to stop placing them so high on the list of concerns as we as men have bigger and more important things to worry about like economics, business, govt & politics, the judicial system, you know, things men have built and ran for centuries until this feminism and equality bullshit swept in and fucked everything in the ass with a horse dick.

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