Attacker or Outsider

A commenter asked if I saw myself as an attacker on society, scrutinizing the very fabric of its construction or as an outsider looking in trying to escape. Now, as easily as I could’ve done a video off the cuff and talked for about ten minutes, I decided to put a bit more thought into this response as it is an interesting topic. Especially since it is more on the philosophical side of things.

            Personally, I don’t attack anything except my workout routines and a good meal; however, when it comes to society, I’m more on the side of an outsider looking in. As I’ve talked about in my livestream titled “A Man Without Labels”, I often get this feeling of surrealness whenever I’m out and about conducting daily business. How I see couples going about their lives and groups of friends interacting and people going about as if there isn’t a huge political and economic shift taking place that infringes on their very freedoms as a people.

            To answer the question precisely, no, I’m not an attacker on society. I’m more of an observer of society witnessing how this country (and to a degree the rest of the world) is falling apart at the seams and no one seems to be noticing it other than content creators on Youtube and MGTOW.TV. I’m simply pursuing wisdom, gaining understanding and gathering knowledge to cultivate a more informed perspective on the world and how things really work to relay it to you guys so that you can navigate more smoothly.

            As for the concept of society itself, I’m on the individualistic side. I’m more concerned with each man getting his own house in order and living life on his terms with a paradigm conducive to him getting whatever he demands of life. I’m not concerned about the entire planet (or the country, for that matter) and what it’s doing. I only focus on it as it relates to me and the area, I live in but that’s about all I can afford to be worried about.

            Speaking of which, I’m trying to get other men to do the same thing across the board. All this talk of politics and other societal, large scale matters and most don’t even have their own houses in order. And another thing, people speak about society as if it is an entity unto itself that doesn’t consist of the very people that live in it. WE ARE SOCIETY, and it is up to us to get our shit together before we can worry about the millions of NPC’s that don’t know their twats from their anus’.

            See, the individual man is the fundamental component to society. He is the origin. And whenever someone says some stupid shit like, “how can one man make a difference?” or “you’re just one person! What difference can you make?” or when they do experiments using groups of people in research labs and people are typically afraid to step up until one person bites the bullet, and then others gain courage from seeing that person come out without facing consequence.

            You wanna know why that is? It’s because humans are herd creatures and only those with enough willpower and capacity to think for themselves lead society in a different direction. Which is why I’m focused on the individual man as opposed to groups. It starts with one person getting their shit together, then another and then another, and eventually the whole space has its shit on point.

            However, when you have people in the space directing people’s focus to large scale, political and economic issues (not to say it isn’t needed at times), you take their attention and time which they can be using contributing toward enacting change on the individual level and place toward their disempowerment. Why do you think news is always negative? Why do you think all this fuckery takes place in politics and people talk about it for days on end? Why do you think all you see in these spaces is female fuckery and nothing else?

            The answer? It is all for your disempowerment.

            That simple.

            You must understand that the individual man is the beginning of everything. And unless the individual man thinks for himself and cultivates a paradigm conducive to success in ALL aspects of his life, he will never be able to have a successful relationship with the opposite sex, create a structured family, make long lasting business connections, expand his companies effectively and thus create an affluent community.

            The individual man has more power than he realizes. Now, I know that, in essence, the flourishing of a society depends on collective cooperation (I’m not stupid); however, unless individuals begin to take stock of their existence and ask themselves what the fuck they really want from life (and stop lying to themselves), they will never see the change they so desperately want. And this goes for ALL men MGTOW or not.

            Yes, MGTOW has done wonders in helping men rediscover their individual value and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, we must move forward and evolve past just walking away, now we have to do something to solve the reason we walked away in the first place. . . which is why I’ve been touching on relationships as of late.

            Now, what does this have to do with me being an attacker on society or an outsider looking in?


            During my time in this space, man’s biggest issue is having fucked up relationships with women. There are other issues like money, status, looks, and all this but only in reference to attracting women and mating with them. You have PUA’s, you have dating coaches, you have MGTOW’s that tell men how to get women, you have simps pretending to be Red Pill, and you have Blue Pillers pretending to be part of the Manosphere.


            So, my goal? To solve man’s biggest problem along with other content creators who attempt to do that every single day. The only difference with me is that I get to the crux of what it takes to be a man FIRST then I go into how to deal with women from a position of power.

            The main problem is (as an observer of society) is that men don’t know how to be men. They don’t know how to prioritize the things in their lives properly nor do they have the mind frame to put things in the proper perspective. Women, money, business, family, friends, hobbies, intellectual pursuits, physical pursuits, are all a PART of existence not the whole. All those things comprise the whole but are not the whole unto themselves.

            When men get their priorities straight and take off the pussy goggles, then a lot of this dumb shit will be alleviated and handled. And it’s really as simple as that.

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