Why You Want To Be Misunderstood

Alright guys, in this post I’m going to present the case of why you want to be misunderstood. Now, when I say misunderstood, I’m not talking about miscommunication between people; I’m talking in reference to the mind, heart and soul of a man. See, here’s the thing: A woman has not business in the heart, mind, and soul of a man. Plain and simple. She doesn’t appreciate it. She doesn’t care for it. She doesn’t even know it exists in the first place due to the constant dehumanization of men in this gynocratic society.

            The only people that should be able to understand you is other men, as other men are the only ones capable of comprehending the depth and philosophical properties that men possess. Women do not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend, let alone understand, the mind of a man. Women do not have the same propensity as men to be extraordinary, they do not have the same depth of potential as men. Fundamentally, they are not like us and therefore are incapable of understanding us. Stop looking for women to understand you. Stop expecting women to get you. It will never happen.


            Now, a woman has no business in the heart, mind, and soul of a man. But, a man has every business in the heart, mind, and soul of a woman. A man will actually take the time to understand a woman, to study a woman, to figure out her idiosyncrasies, figure out what she likes and doesn’t like, how she functions within certain contexts, where she needs work, etc. A woman will never go this in-depth when it comes to a man as they are selfish by nature. They will never inquire about what you want, what you need, what you like and don’t like, how you work and function outside of sex, etc. Women will never take an interest in the mind, heart, and soul of a man. Never. Don’t expect it. You will never get it.

            Look, I’m not anti-relationship. I’m also not pro-relationship. However, I am here to help men live the lives they want to live and that includes relationships with the opposite sex. The less your woman knows about you, the better. Here’s why:

  1. She doesn’t have any ammunition to use against you
  2. She can’t manipulate you
  3. She can’t leverage you in any way, shape or form
  4. She has no power over you
  5. It is easier to maintain your independence and move how you want to move without monkey wrenches being thrown in the mix
  6. She can’t nag you (and if she does you can toss her)
  7. It makes it easier to maintain your individuality
  8. You can more easily keep your priorities in the proper order
  9. It is easier to maintain her interest as she will try desperately to figure you out
  10. She’ll treat you better

Now, I can go into more advantages in being misunderstood but you get the point. The less she knows about you, the less power she has over you. Now, she has no power over you in the first place, but the point is that your anonymity, your individuality, your ability to be self-sufficient is where your power lies as a man. Every time you open up to her, pillow talk with her, simp for her, reveal how you feel about her, spend inordinate amounts of time with her, you give away a little bit of your power. The best relationships occur when both parties have their own lives outside of it; therefore, both people will be happy to see each other when they reconvene after life’s clusterfucks.

It is not healthy to be in someone’s face 24/7. It’s not. Think about it, men don’t spend inordinate amounts of time with each other. We might spend an hour or two on any given day but that’s it. We don’t be in each other’s faces 24/7, spending every waking moment together just looking into each other’s eyes and shit. Hell no! We convene, do what we gotta do, go our separate ways. That’s it. We can go weeks, months, even years without talking to each other and when we meet again it’ll be like we just talked yesterday. Women can’t do that shit. You go a week without talking to a broad and it’s the end of the world. This woman is pulling her hair out, cursing your name, calling you all types of scumbags and shit, I mean, it’s fucking endless.

But . . .

When you call her again, tell her your plans and invite her along, now she wanna be all giddy and bubbly like a fucking schoolgirl and shit. You see what I mean? Being misunderstood also protects your sanity as a man and keeps that bullshit out of your life and business. The less a woman knows about you, the better.

Now, let’s get off women for a second and talk about other people.

Being misunderstood by other people is advantageous as most people are not where you are mentally. Yes, I’m saying most people are beneath you. However, I’m not saying to put on airs and act like you’re better than them and start talking shit. No, what I’m saying is the less coworkers, acquaintances, and family understand you, the less drama you will be involved in. The advantages I mentioned with women also work with other types of relationships in life.

Now, with family they may think they have special privileges just because y’all blood related. Bullshit. You should treat your family the same way you treat your woman, keep them the hell out of your business. Look, here’s the truth: your family ain’t shit. I’m just gonna put it out there. Especially if everyone expected you to be successful growing up so they could live vicariously through you instead of using the 40 plus years they had on this planet to get they shit together.

Fuck that.

Then they expect you to take the world by storm by age 25 and lift they asses up into wealth and prosperity so they can fuck up your money and what you’ve built. And they expect you to do with no roadmap, no guidance, no structure or adequate example to follow. They expect you to just divine success out of thin air and they get to celebrate just because your pops didn’t pull out one random night, GTFOH!

Alright, back to these broads . . .

The less a woman knows about you, the better. You should not be telling her what you do for a living, how much money you make, what type of car you drive, what type of house you live in, what your monthly take-home income is, what type of business you’re into. None of that shit, and if they broad ask you know what she’s there for. If that’s the first question she asks you definitely know what she’s there for.

Guys, stop opening up to these women. Stop telling them everything about you. In fact, tell them absolutely nothing. Let them figure everything out for themselves. Don’t correct them if they wrong, don’t validate them if they’re right. Just go on about your business as usual while she tries to figure out your business. Don’t hide. Don’t advertise. You treat her the way she’s supposed to be treated. As part of your life, not the whole.

Figuring out women if fucking easy at this point. With all the MGTOW knowledge that’s out there, female nature is entry level. There should be no fucking way simping and validation-seeking and being a do-boy should be an issue.


Now, how do you apply this for a stress-free, drama-free life? Well, the answer is simple but not easy: get an identity. That’s it. That’s literally it. Know yourself. If you know yourself, you can set your life up the way you truly want it. Whether that be as a bachelor, a MGTOW man, a red pill man that does short term relationships, a MGTOW Monk, a black pill man that deals with spirituality and metaphysics, a philosopher, etc.

If you know yourself, focus on yourself, take the time to go into the depths of your own mind, heart, and soul, you won’t need a woman to love you, to understand you, to get you. You simply won’t need it because you’ve fulfilled those needs for yourself. And when you do that, suddenly it’ll be like you can’t get rid of people. You’ll notice that everyone wants to be around you because you have this vibe, this allure to you, the allure of a truly self-sufficient individual who doesn’t need anyone for anything.

People like being around people who don’t need anyone as neediness causes problems not only for the needy person but the one that tries to fulfill that impossible role. You’ll never be able to satisfy a needy person as a needy person can’t even satisfy themselves.

They don’t love themselves, so how the hell can you love them more than they do? You can’t. That’s why neediness drives people away. That’s why most times you end up alone. Hell, I notice it within myself sometimes. When I wouldn’t mind others being around, I’m alone. When I try to get some fucking privacy, there’s people everywhere. Like WTF?! It’s the same thing as being single, no one wants you. When you get into a relationship, it’s like there’s pussy everywhere. In your mind you’re like GTFOH with that bullshit!

Take full advantage of being misunderstood by the masses. Embrace it. Learn how to enjoy being alone. Learn how to revel in solitude. Retreat inside yourself and explore the depths of your own soul. Learn things about yourself even you didn’t know. Learn to fulfill the need to be understood for yourself and yourself only. Place yourself at the top of the food chain in your life and watch how you begin to flourish.

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