I used to be in your front row seats
Now I'm in the rafters
Used to be right by your side
Now I'm the most difficult thing to capture
Disappearing into the night like Casper

That's what you get for giving out ultimatums, you bastard
No one on this earth will be my master
I can always go on to greener pastures
And, if none exists, I can create the life I want to live much faster

I used to be right in front of you
Now, I'm nowhere in sight
Used to love your presence
Every time I think of you I want to fight

Giving me an ultimatum out of spite
is the biggest mistake you made in your life
I fight for love, but, if you want to fight me, 
then I don't need you, and, since I've kicked
you to the curb, my life has improved steady
and true.

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