Love or Romance?

Do you want love, or do you want romance?
Oh, you want both? I'm sorry but I can't do that.
Why not, you ask? because love and romance are
two different things. One is everlasting and the 
other is an intensified fling.

One is where two people fight together
the other is where two have fun then grow apart
one is where a bond is forged and cemented
the other is what makes both people demented
one is where a connection is made between hearts
the other is where feelings change like the weather
one is where both stay until things get better
one is where two leave once things hit the rocks

Do you want love, or do you want romance?
you say romance leads to love? I beg to differ.
I've been in romance and I've experienced love
and I like love much better. Sure, the fiery nature
of romance, the hot sex, the intense passion, the 
incredible highs and exhilarating emotional
fulfilment is something one will die chasing.

however. . .

What I want is love, what I want is stability
what I want is above romance and its inherent fragility
what I want is a connection that has the ability to 
withstand the banality and keep the other person standing
with me. What I want is everlasting, what I want is something
to take to the grave so that when I look back as the grim reaper
comes for my soul I will say 'if I could, I would relive my life
just the same'.

So, do you want love or do you want romance?
one I can do and one I can't.
the flames of romance have burned out within me
and the flowers of love have begun to blossom luminously.

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