Strength, Stoicism, And Success

There are a number of things women find attractive in men; however, the main things are strength, stoicism, and success.

Why these three things?

Well, strength indicates the ability to protect and procure food, provide shelter, and acquire all other forms of physical needs. Stoicism indicates the levelheadedness needed to use the strength efficiently and effectively to bring about the best results possible. Success is the result of the first two, making a man best fit for the majority of women to mate with, have healthy children, and live a more or less quality existence.

At least, this is the biological/evolutionary breakdown of it.

However, from the cultural standpoint there’s a bit more to it. . .

We live in a day and age where people meet on dating sites and have quick hookup sessions and real, lasting, committed relationships are harder to find and cultivate than King Arthur trying to retrieve the Holy Grail or Goku reaching Ultra Instinct.

The sad part is, there’s nothing we can do to reverse this or go back in time to the 50’s where things were supposedly “Golden”.

However, we can forge ourselves into the best individuals possible to live the highest quality existence. And here’s the thing most don’t understand about women. . .

They exist in ALL circles of life.


Meaning, it doesn’t matter what you excel at as a man, women will be there if you achieve it at a high enough level. Now, you don’t have to be a multimillionaire or billionaire to attract women. You just have to achieve excellence in what you do, as well as actually LOVE what you do.

What men have to understand is that the pursuit of women is a poor substitute for the pursuit of excellence and purpose. It gives you nothing and takes everything from you. You run into worthless, raggedy, individuals that use you, abuse you, and then throw you to the side like you’re nothing.

And no, this isn’t an attack on women.

This is an acknowledgement that men go through shit too. . .

Women are everywhere. The boardrooms, the mansion parties, the banking districts, the fashion districts, the manufacturing districts, etc. Women exist all around the world and outnumber men at least seven to one.

You can get a woman, stop acting like it’s a herculean task!

Strength, Stoicism, and Success are the things that will bring you not only peace of mind but a higher quality of existence. These things will allow you to live the life you want to live on your terms. These things will make it difficult for people to take advantage of you and use you for their insignificant ends. These things will make life worth living for you.

Strength comes from admitting your weaknesses and working on them where you can while cultivating your natural strengths. Stoicism comes from letting go of unrealistic expectations and realizing that life has its ups and downs and that the number one thing needed to withstand it is equanimity. Success comes as a result of the first two, it is the fruit of your labors, the reward for your sweat, it is the purpose of your effort and the manifestation of your will.

You may not attract the women that bad boys and thugs get; however, you will attract the women that exist in the circle of what you excel in. Remember that and make the changes necessary in your life, you’ll thank yourself later.

And remember, this isn’t about women. . .

This is about you!

Hope this helps,


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