The Importance Of Philosophy

Philosophy is something that has been relegated to the armchair in your average university library, an elective you need to take at least once if you want to graduate as a gender studies major.

Now, why is this?

This is because philosophy has been suppressed for hundreds and thousands of years. Thousands of years of corruption, co-opting of power, political mind games, and biased legislation has been passed to ensure that deep, philosophical thought has become almost entirely nonexistent.

The importance of philosophy not only in schools and universities but local households is paramount for one simple reason. . .

Philosophy gives you the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, as well as guidance, necessary to become decent and civilized human beings as well as conduct life in a morally sound manner.

Philosophy is the guidance to those who are lost, the answer for those who are intellectually curious, the thing one can turn to to help find the answers within themselves, and a pragmatic and useful concept that can help you not only deal with, but overcome any emotional turmoil or physical circumstance in life.

I’ll end this with one question:

Why isn’t Stoicism taught in universities and households?

Hope this helps,


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