A Sense Of Reality

Most of us in the Manosphere, MGTOW, Red Pill space often hear things like “get your shit together” or “get a life” or “create your own world” but, no one ever bothers to explain what that means. . .

In this post, I’ll be diving into the philosophy of such statements as well as a bit of the psychology. But first, a bit of existential theory.

The way nature works is that it abhors a vacuum. . .across the board.

It doesn’t matter if it is left, right, up, down, ten degrees to the left, twenty degrees to the right, or in the crack of a plumber’s ass, nature absolutely hates a vacuum!

Everything that is left empty and barren must be filled whether externally or internally. Think about it, whenever we feel like something is missing we always go searching (typically in the wrong places). We try to use external, tangible things to solve internal, intangible problems.

Yes, the intangible and internal problems were triggered by external circumstances but our interpretations and how we handle those externals is an internal and individual thing, and something only we can fix personally.

The reason we often feel like something is missing in our lives is because we are disconnected from our spirit and our sense of being. Without our sense of being there is no sense of reality about us. We become just another mindless drone carrying on, operating like an automaton as life casually passes us by, watching others be extraordinary while we’re forced to be content with our station in life wondering if we’ll ever be happy and fulfilled. Wondering whether money, cars, clothes, women, and all those material illusions society offers would really make us complete. . .

The answer to this is a resounding NO!

See, building your world and sense of reality means filling those voids within you. Only you know the nature of those voids and what triggered them and such, and only you can go in and fill them. Nothing outside of you can fix what is broken within you. Money won’t fix it, a relationship won’t fix it, a good marriage and beautiful children won’t fix it, a large, healthy family that gets along won’t fix it.

Now, you may be thinking “actually, all that would fix my problems because then I’ll be happy. Then I’ll be content. Then I’ll be complete.”

You won’t.

A void is all consuming. A void takes and takes and takes and never gives. You have to give something to get all that I just listed, and you have to give it to yourself first before you give it to others. Love, affection, kindness, compassion, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, respect, appreciation. You have to give these to yourself before you can receive them from others. If you don’t give them to yourself, no one else will because they see you don’t value yourself so, why should they?

Moral of the story?

Connect with your spirit. Cultivate a sense of being. Be Somebody. A person. A human being rather than a human doing, a machine, an automaton. Fill those voids within so you can be fit to receive everything you want and to live the life you want to live.

Hope that helps, peace!

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