An Ocean’s Tale

All the creatures of the ocean play their part
in vying for the affections from nature's heart
the schools of fish the lone sharks, the killer whales
and the seals that bark.

Into the depths live animals we've never seen and 
how strange they seem even though some gleam
in the darkness we still couldn't see them, still couldn't
look past the abyss because the abyss looked into us

We fear the unknown even though we know how
long the oceans have existed and persisted, we've witnessed
how powerful water is, especially when accumulated into a large

How the giver of life can easily take life as well
how it can be our salvation or leave us thirsting 
with empty wells. But, this is the ocean, not a well
or a lake, the saltwater wouldn't be good for us, it would
be too much to take; however, the ocean doesn't care as it
will continue to tell its story. . . no matter what it takes.

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