Walking Amongst The Stars

Late nights and early mornings lead to success
but it is walking amongst the stars our brains get no rest
it is in the night our intelligence is heightened and all the 
trivialities or reality no longer leave us frightened 

All the annoyances and mild pains of the day pass away
in terms of significance as our brains fly away and walk
amongst the cosmos, witnessing the comets as they pass
by and absorbing the tranquil vibes as we embrace this
supernatural high

Some people smoke weed to reach the skies while others
are always high on life, smiling and maintaining an optimistic
disposition no matter their position and it seems to them
life's trials make no difference

Late nights and early mornings but it's the late nights where 
the fun happens, where the mundane takes a rest and leaves
space for the magic as nature has this mischievous habit of
tricking us constantly with its many facets.

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