A Solitary Hunter


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A different animal but the same beast
as it walks through its environment looking
for anything weak, as the days and weeks 
go by and all the animals hibernate, the hunter
still stalks through the cold winter grounds.

The solitary hunter has a cold look in its eye, a 
look colder than father winter can muster as it 
walks comfortably while all lesser animals hide
in warm trees and cozy nests.

Then, just as the hunter was about to call it in,
a rabbit reveals itself, frolicking through the snow
unaware that the hunter is near; it is young. Not big 
enough to fill the hunter's belly but it will do for now

The hunter creeps ever so slowly, willing its heartbeat
into a more relaxed state, not being overeager for food
as its stomach growls with the hunger of a thousand 
dragons; it creeps upon the rabbit, the rabbit's heart 
starts to flutter as it senses its imminent demise.  

The hunter camouflages as it slithers around like 
a serpent and closes in on its prey then remains still
as a statue for about ten long and agonizing seconds,
well, agonizing for the prey, that is.

The hunter waits for the prey's heartbeat to settle
into a state of relaxation, as an anxious prey doesn't
taste as good as a relaxed one, the blood and meat are
sweeter when the prey is relaxed.

The rabbit's heart finally settles; however, by the time 
it spots the hunter it's neck is already broken and it's 
entire body is being digested within the beast's mouth.

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