Nature’s Speed Demon


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Racing through the desert whether day or night
one's eyes can hardly keep up as it runs out of 
sight and the prey does its best to outrun the
foe but the demon closes in with saliva dripping
from its jaws. The beast pounces and the prey zigzags
the beast doesn't fall for the bait as it still pursues its
quarry. The prey runs for its very existence the same
as the beast runs for its own, one trying to live and one trying
to kill to live the law of self-preservation can only serve one.
Whose fate is sealed? Is it the prey or the beast? Only nature will
decide as the prey trips on a stray branch and the beast seizes the 
opportunity with light speed and within seconds the prey's neck is
snapped and its carcass being dragged away as the beast claims its 
dinner for the next couple of days.

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